Sunday, September 8, 2013

Creating with the Universe

You have come a long way, dear Ones! For if you were to look back at the things that used to bother you in the past, it would seem that either the issues diminished in value or they have simply lost their place of importance in your Life. There is good reason for this, and it is that the next stage of the Creator World is about to open up to you on October 6, 2013! Beginning with the Energy from October 6 through November 6, 2013, the entire Universe will be opening to provide the material of your Creative Endeavors! This Time period will not need a major readjustment from you, just the awareness that you are back within your innate environment of the Universe!

The biggest difference between what we are Creating today and what will be possible beginning on October 6, 2013 is the difference between Mother Earth‘s current vibration and the vibration of the Universe. The Earth vibration at this time is much like a bass chord on a string instrument producing a deep, heavy, and reverberating low sound. By comparison the Universe’s vibration is a much faster, higher, and refined sound. Since June 29, 2013, when Mother Earth realigned herself towards her new pole star of Vega in the constellation of Lyrae, Mother Earth began a process to complement and commingle with the vibrating pulse and rhythm of the Universe. Mother Earth’s process will complete on October 6, 2013, when we too will be ones ready to begin Creating with the Universe once that we have made our own internal adjustments and alignments!

It will not take you long, dear Ones, to become aware of this vast difference in Energy Sources! Each Lightworker Soul is unique and exceptional in his or her own characteristics of Light and Love therefore, the entire internal processing will take from October 6 through November 6, 2013. Some will be ready to initiate right away while others will need more Time to align. By November 6, 2013, every Soul who has prepared for this event, along with Mother Earth, will begin Creating a whole new chapter of experience with the Universe on Earth! Man of Destiny Souls, however, will not be participating at this time. Instead Man of Destiny Souls will be in preparation for the Time frame that they will have the opportunity to begin in Unity with God from January 23, 2014 through February 7, 2014.

In waiting for this evolutionary transition, Man of Destiny Souls will be making humungous strides in not only aligning with the New Energy of the Universe, but to also begin learning how to Create with his or her own Emanations of Love. During this Time, that began on September 17, 2013 and will complete on February 7, 2014, you will also be witnessing the Evolution of the Spirit taking place! What will appear at the beginning as two separate worlds coexisting side by side at the same time will actually be the Transformation of bringing Mother Earth’s entire body and Soul into Unity with the Universe! Your work as a Lightworker Soul, dear Ones, will be leading the way through your introduction of your own unique contributions of Light, Love, and Harmony upon her!

The Evolution of the Spirit will only be initiating at this Time to set the new precedents of future Life upon Mother Earth. It will not be a “one time, one opportunity” procedure. Instead it will be a process of introducing each new generation of Human Souls to a new Life as Souls free to Create his or her expression of Love with the Universe. Many Man of Destiny Souls will not be able to immediately express what is in his or her Soul, much less what is within the confines of his or her Heart for lack of experience. This process will take many Man of Destiny Souls several lifetimes to acquire and integrate. For you, dear Ones, the fun will be just beginning for you will be back in your innate environment of the Universe! So once you leave behind what no longer serves you from the present world, so will the Universe give you all it has to offer you, for you are Unlimited like the Universe!