Friday, July 12, 2013

The Eternal Self

You will begin to see yourself from a new perspective beginning with the Energy of August 1, 2013. It will not be from what the past has dealt you in becoming a survivor of negative experiences, but as one who will be revealing your Eternal Self! The Eternal Self, dear Ones, is one’s Soul in return to its original state of being in the Universe. In the return to your original state, you will be one in the process of Transforming Mother Earth with your Project of Light and Love! Some Lightworker Souls will start slowly and meticulously, not out of fear but out of the lack of participation for those whom the projects will directly involve in the future. Others meanwhile will begin quite rapidly for they are the ones designated as the Leadership within the Legion of Light.

There will be no Projects of Light and Love too small or too big to handle by anyone, for with your Soul’s return to the Eternal Soul state of being upon Earth, it will be like Cinderella fitting into her “glass slipper” or Arthur being the one to lift the “sword from the stone.” Only this will not be make believe or a fairy tale! It will be your recognition and response to who you Truly are in the Universe! For you, dear Ones, have the Spiritual Experience that it takes to assume the leadership in unison it will take to bring forward the Great Transformation upon Mother Earth beginning with the Energy of August 23, 2013!

Though you may feel an urgency to hurry the process along, remember, it is not a race or even a competition, for you will be back into your True Element of the Universe, where there is no competition, no comparison to what others have or are doing, nor even suspicion of someone replacing or taking your place in the Universe! It is all a Sharing and Cooperative state of being, just as you have been communicating and demonstrating all along! And just by remembering who you are, will the “glass slipper” or “sword in the stone” begin to feel natural to you once more!

Your task upon Mother Earth will be much easier as Time moves along and aligns you into the Energy of Creation that will assist you with the process of aligning into your Eternal Self. For Man of Destiny Souls it will begin the process of the Separation of Souls. On August 5, 2013 the Energy will begin to produce an effect that will begin to wobble and stagger all that is not attached or secured to the Fifth Dimension’s requirement of Love in all ways. Here you will begin to see the world of man’s systems fail and not respond to their attempts to repair them. Every attempt to repair their systems will only lead to more calamities and more exposure to the ways that they have held all of mankind in slavery through rules and laws to favor their ways of business. By October 4, 2013 they will be done and so will their control!

There will still be avarice groups remaining after October 4, 2013 but they will not be organized as those of the past two hundred years. They learn slowly but with their leadership gone so will any obstacle in your way, dear Ones, for the Time of the Great Transformation is here! God the Father and Mother of ALL Things is in charge and the only requirements to be met by you will be to align into your Eternal Self with Love, Harmony, and Brotherhood to produce your Joy in Living. By role modeling the highest level of your being though your Eternal Self, you will be one to replicate the Ways of God upon Mother Earth, communicating and demonstrating God’s Presence upon Earth!