Saturday, May 4, 2013

You, Me, and We

At the Heart of ALL Things in the Universe is Harmony – Conscious awareness that everything and every Soul in existence is in Unity with God. Without comprehension or even awareness of Harmony as the foundation of Unity with God, there would be a continued belief that you and me are separate beings from separate regions on Earth. The Truth to the matter, dear Ones, is that we live on One Land, are One Nation and One People upon Mother Earth! Many will be initiated with the concept of Harmony from June 1, 2013 through October 17, 2013, when the Time to integrate Harmony into one’s foundation begins for all Souls, Man of Destiny and Lightworker Souls, in order to begin Creating with the Universe!

Those who will begin Creating with the Universe will understand and comprehend the concept of Harmony – We ALL live on One Land, are One Nation, and One People in Unity with God and the Universe! As the Process of Creating initiates, so will the increase of Light and Love upon Earth through the core Group of Initiators, predominantly Lightworkers who will be back into their original element of Creating with the Universe! While Light and Love upon Mother Earth continues to increase, so will the elements of Chaos and Confusion upon all lands! Not because Creating with the Soul is an unnatural act or even against the Laws of God, rather it will be the masses unaware how Harmony enhances the Power to Create his or her own Joy in Living with Love!

When the advent of the first week of Creating with the Universe completes on June 8, 2013, the New Moon on that day will signal that the “Project of You, Me, and We” will begin with a core group of Light, who will lead God’s Project to completion! Not one of these Chosen few will be elected to a single political position for they are not warmongers, despots, or even subject to the temptation of man’s ways, for they have all been tested by God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! Mother Earth will also be ready, for she has already initiated her own beginning on May 4, 2013, when she will align her Chakras to contribute her own share into the “Project of You, Me, and We!”

The “Project of You, Me and We” is the project of bringing every Soul into Unity with God and the Universe. Mother Earth’s Energy will be increasing and expanding with the Universe’s ever increasing and expanding Energy of Love and cannot be ignored! Those who already understand will be Creating with the Universe while those who do not will see their lives become even more chaotic and disorganized than ever before! That is, until they learn the Truth that the Universe only functions in Harmony with God and ALL Thing within it! Therefore before their Hearts and Minds filled with Third Dimensional concepts and learning will even progress they must understand that the world of “Me, Myself, and I” is no longer valid in the Fifth Dimension!

It will not be long before the “Project of You, Me, and We” completes on July 18, 2016 but those who will learn to Harmonize with God and the Universe will become Creators! Harmony is the foundation of Unity with God and the Universe, and by simply applying Love in all that you think and do, dear Ones, there will be nothing to fear or intrude in your process of becoming a Co-Creator in Unity with God! Let the Joy of Living bring you Joy and Happiness for the Time and Place to begin the Re-Creation of Mother Earth begins in your Heart!