Friday, April 5, 2013

The Dove

One of the most enduring and iconic symbols of all time is that of the Dove. The Dove has represented symbols of Peace, Love, and aspects of the Divine over time. The symbol of the Dove is especially noteworthy at this time, as Mother Earth will begin her Ordained task of becoming the Abode of Peace and Harmony on May 4, 2013! Peace on Earth has seemed to be a long term and evasive project that has kept the Dove as a symbol of Hope alive, but as you will see, dear Ones, you are currently witnessing the process of Peace, Love, and Divine Presence physically beginning upon her surface!

The entire Universe, as well as Mother Earth, is in a process of a transition that many are calling the Ascension Process. Though it will take the Universe but a few moments of Time to make its own calibrations, it will take Mother Earth three years to fully resonate with the New Vibration introduced on February 2, 2013. Many are expecting to physically ascend into the skies and “rapture” into the Universe. Others have expectations that space aliens from other Star Systems will land upon Earth and teach everyone how to Ascend and transform their minds and Hearts with Light and Love. Conceivable as both of these ideas may be, the Ascension Process will actually be carried out by Mother Earth and our Milky Way Galaxy!

The Ascension Process is actually a recalibration process initiated by the Universe and is being completed through Mother Earth’s readjustment of her Magnetic North Pole with the Universe! No longer will the faint Energy around the weak resonating star Polaris be the Guiding Star. Instead the visibly vibrant and strong frequency of the star Vega, in the Constellation of Lyra, will become our new Universal Guidance Star! It will take three more years to complete but when it will be over, stability and consistent waves of Light and Love will be the norm upon Mother Earth rather than random “acts of kindness!”

Mother Earth’s adjustment will complete on April 30, 2016. By that time all Souls participating upon her will have completed their own adjustments in becoming a “Pure Heart” in order to raise their own vibration to the New Frequency of Mother Earth within the Universe! Mother Earth’s sign that she has completed her Ascension Process will produce a greenish hue in the nighttime skies! No longer will she be isolated with darkness and fear at night, instead, she will be demonstrating that she is full of Light and Love at all times!

The Ascension Process has already begun! On May 4, 2013 Mother Earth will be going full speed into her task of becoming the Abode of Peace and Harmony. What will follow on May 9, 2013 through August 20, 2013 will be known as “The Time of God.” It will be a Time of Chaos and Confusion for those not aware of the Truth of the Ascension Process, but who in the end, will be reaching out to God and His/Her physical representatives, those designated as Lightworkers, to awaken to the Truth within! Truth and Light are with you, dear Ones! So let the Dove serve to remind you that you are an integral part of returning Light and Love once more upon Earth!