Friday, August 24, 2012

The Purpose of Joy Part 2

The second week of September will introduce a time for adapting and acclimating with the Flow of the Universal Energies. This may not sound like much, dear Lightworker, but when you consider that everyone will be introduced into a New Paradigm of Change there will be many “mistakes and accidents”! This will not be a coincidence for as you know, dear Lightworker, there are no “accidents” in the Universe, only Synchronicity! Look upon these “accidents” as a method for Synchronicity to function as it should – to bring everyone into learning and realizing that whatever they will not do with Love, will cause them to have it detached from his or her Life once and for all!

The realization that what one does not Love and no longer serves him or her in any way, shape, or form will be difficult for some to believe but in the long run, the realization will begin the Process of Self Awareness! Self Awareness is another way of saying that one will recognize him or herself as a Soul with the Purpose of Joy to guide him or her! Mother Earth will also be doing likewise with the Energy of September 12, 2012 when she will be acting upon her Heart’s Joy and contentment! The Energy of Mother Earth’s Heart will Activate her role as the Abode of Peace and Harmony and bring with it, repercussions to those that will abuse her body through means of Unloving Acts!

On September 15, 2012 dear Lightworker, many more of your fellow brothers and sisters of the Light will become reacquainted with their Soul and its Purpose under the direction of God the Father and Mother of ALL Things! This will increase the number of Activated Lightworkers almost tenfold! It will also bring more Light and Love upon Mother Earth for the purpose of bringing Enlightenment to Man of Destiny for his or her Purpose of Joy! Your Project of Light will become increasingly more important so whenever the Energy of September 2012 will have you feeling the need to internalize and meditate, go with it, for this will be the method that you will be connecting with God Source and bringing your increased Self Awareness into action!

Many “experts” with knowledge for maintaining the functions of the Third Dimensional world will be called out to the forefront and demonstrate that they do not understand that the New Paradigm of Change is in effect! Their efforts to improvise and ad-lib their understandings will only make matters worse! The only “expert” anyone will have in these days, dear Lightworker, will be the one inside of him or herself, the Heart aligned with God Source! This is the way of the Fifth Dimension, where everything is possible with Love as the generating Energy to guide everyone into his or her Purpose of Joy!

The Process of Self Awareness will be the first step in gaining Enlightenment to find one’s Purpose of Joy so do not worry about a thing, dear Lightworker. It will take three more years for the full effect of getting everyone to understand that they are not just a body moving like a ship in a storm, but a Spiritual Soul with the power to Create all they will need. It will not be easy by any means as Chaos and Confusion will continue among the masses as they all look outside and point fingers of blame at everyone except the one responsible for their own Life, his or her own Heart’s Purpose of Joy! Now the process of becoming Co-Creators with God the Father and Mother of ALL Things truly begins!