Friday, June 15, 2012

The New Millennium Begins! Part 2

We are now at the beginning point of God’s Days of Fulfillment, the New Millennium! Many will not believe that the New Millennium will be here but do not let this trouble you dear Lightworker, for you and your Project of Light will help introduce everyone upon Mother Earth to God when the Great Father and Mother of ALL THINGS will make His/Her Presence felt upon the Earth Plane beginning on July 28, 2012 until the Energy completes on August 29, 2012! Before this time period appears before us, it will be time to make everything ready for God’s Presence upon the Earth Plane! This is the reason for the intensity of the Energies at this time.

On June 24, 2012 the Energy for initiating your Project of Light will be complete. This Energy will not allow anyone or anything to interfere with your Project of Light so do not fear that you may have “forgotten something” or do not fully understand where or how you are to “fit into” the Plan of All Things! Let Time reveal it for you, dear Lightworker, for you know in your Heart and Soul that you have direct access to God anytime you are ready to be in quietness!

The Energy of June 24, 2012 will also bring Man of Destiny the opportunity to increase his or her capacity of Living with Love and then to step directly into the ongoing process of Unity and Oneness! This opportunity will become a major steppingstone to introduce him or her to the OWNER OF ALL THINGS – GOD by the completion of the God’s Presence Energy on August 29, 2012! Man of Destiny’s demonstration of his or her ability to offer and reciprocate Love through August 16, 2012 will then allow easy adaptation into the New Millennium! Some will not make this transition very easily but will be allowed to continue his or her journey of learning to Live with Love elsewhere.

By June 28, 2012 all the necessary opportunities to enact and become a Co-Creator with God in the New Millennium will have been chosen! For this reason, dear Lightworker, do not allow things that will come to the forefront bring fear into your Heart but instead remain steadfast and know that the essential Changes required to accommodate the Energy of God’s Presence will be done! These essential Changes will enable Mother Earth to become the Abode of Peace and Harmony on June 29, 2012 and bring forth tranquility among Man of Destiny through the Brotherhood of Man and Light upon Mother Earth!

The remaining days of June 2012 will be ones of great fright and trembling but will be remembered for the blessing that they will bring to the future of Man of Destiny and the great steps he or she will have taken in becoming Enlightened in the Ways of God! These days will also allow you, dear Lightworker, to become immersed in the Energy of your Project of Light and bring forth your contribution to expanding Man of Destiny’s understanding and knowledge so that he or she may one day Live with Love and Joy through the Experience of Spiritual Unity with God!

Once that the Brotherhood of Man and Light becomes the foundation of service upon Mother Earth, Man of Destiny will become transformed from self serving to him or herself to a Servant of God, the basis of Peace, Joy, and Harmony upon Earth. We are now at the Gateway of the Universe and anything is possible so do not let the past influence or hinder your journey into the New Millennium!