Sunday, April 29, 2012

A New World Emerges Part 2

There is “time” and there is “Time.” Most people live in the sense of “time,” time as recognized through the rhythm of a schedule that is marked by sequential physical events to monitor a routine with work, rest, and play. “Time,” with a capital “T,” is where the Soul aligns with the movement of the Universe – “Time” as the movement of the Soul! This is the movement of the Soul communing with the Universe to monitor its sequential states of being, events that the Soul naturally seeks to align with in the Spiritual communication with the Universal Energies! This phenomenon is called the experience of the timelessness! You, dear Lightworker, already know the experience of “Time as the movement of the Soul!” This is what has been influencing your daily routine to remember since April 18, 2012, when all Lightworker Projects of Light were activated!

Considering that our experiences in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will be based upon “Time” as the movement of the Soul, and not “time,” we all need to begin to understand how the world of Joy in Living will begin. It will not be an externally driven process as it now is in the Fourth Dimension, but rather it will be the internal experience that will propel the Soul’s movement through the experience of timelessness, “Time!” Though this may sound confusing in the verbal sense, it is natural for you, dear Lightworker, for you are from the Sixth Dimension and had to “step down” from your natural state of “timelessness” in volunteering to assist with the Enlightenment process of the Earth Plane!

The experience of “timelessness” will begin for everyone on the Earth Plane on May 15, 2012. Many will be “sleepwalking” on the Earth Plane because of their lack of experience in the nurturing of their own Soul’s growth! While these “sleepwalkers” will be transitioning from an externally driven life to one of internalizing with Love from the wealth of the Fifth Dimension, you, dear Lightworker, will be ready to go! It will be a humungous shock to the system of those who have deprived their Soul’s growth and learning, so remember to keep them in your prayers!

During the first week of May 2012 there will be an opportunity to choose the direction of growth one will take to experience the fullest expression of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. Most will choose to work on growth with an emphasis upon learning and understanding with Love in order that they may progress into Brotherhood Consciousness. The others who already understand the mindset of Brotherhood Consciousness will progress rapidly and begin the First Wave in the Process of Unity! The Process of Unity, unifying and merging all Love Energy with Mother Earth and our Milky Way Galaxy, will become the foundation of the New Horizon and will eventually merge everyone into it!

This process will be one of the last major milestones before the New Horizon appears at the end of June 2012! You, dear Lightworker, will be on the forefront of this transition in all that you will become and more by simply following your Heart and letting it lead you to where you will need to be. A New World designed for the Joy in Living begins to emerge in the near future so let Love become the foundation of all that you think and do and watch as it returns you, dear Lightworker, to the place of timelessness, “Time” as movement of the Soul with the Universal Energies!