Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Path of the Heart and Soul

The Renewal of the Universal Energies will occur on February 16, 2012. This is an annual event in terms of the Universe, except that this particular one will carry all the ramifications and expectations that will come with our Milky Way and Solar System’s entry into the Fifth Dimension and the Presence of the New Millennium! Likewise, in these remaining days before the Renewal, we too, will need to prepare to not only become the Path of our Heart and Soul, but also, to strengthen ourselves with Light and Love!

The days before this event will require that you, dear Lightworker, remain in the Truth of the Path of your Heart and Soul despite conditions all around that do not appear to support your individual Pathway! Individually, when every Lightworker is initiating the Truth of their own Heart and Soul, all Lightworkers will merge their individual Pathways into the Collective Legion of Light Brotherhood to gather and acknowledge one another in the Pathways they offer, to Activate, and to work together with Man of Destiny in the acknowledgment of God as the Source of All Life!

Man of Destiny still remains on the sidelines waiting to be guided and shepherded into his keep where he can count upon food, shelter, and water for his “wellbeing.” All the while he is deceived into believing that everything is outside of him or her and thus, continues to enable a system that does not care for him or her, does not have his or her best interest in mind, or even promotes his or her Joy in Living! For this reason the Legion of Light is here to assist in Mother Earth’s transition into the Fifth Dimension and the New Millennium along with all of God’s Creatures who require much in releasing their fear and limited ways of expression!

There will be an Opportunity for everyone, Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light, before the Renewal of the Universal Energies begins on February 16, 2012. This Opportunity shall come on February 14, 2012 and will be contingent upon previous individual choices made to progress into the New Millennium. This Opportunity will nurture growth for those who will come to understand the Truth and Knowledge being offered by God and the Legion of Light. You, dear Lightworker, must continue sharing the Truth from your Heart and Soul for this will be the way in which all will come to know that it will be time to Come Together into the Brotherhood of Man!

Many will still be confused even as they watch their “trusted” systems of the past continue to unravel and fail, such as the world economy that was not implemented with the Law of Love as its foundation! Rather it was designed for controlling and enslaving those who have little power but an abundance of sweat and labor as if all are still serfs subservient within a financial fiefdom! Recognize now that the economy is the Beast and Master of Enslavement that holds everyone back from living in God’s Promise of Joy in Living for Everyone!

The Beast and Master of Enslavement has its paws and tentacles ensnarled into all activities of daily life for this is the way of its control and manipulation. For three more years the Battle between Light and Darkness will be fought but there will only be one standing at the end, the Legion of Light with the fulfillment of God’s Promise of Joy in Living for Everyone! Let there be no fear or return to darkness for the days of fulfillment of God’s Promise are here! When the day of Renewal is here on February 16, 2012 know that there will be much to do and much to begin to reorganize! Until then be ready and persist in establishing the Path and Purpose of your Heart and Soul!