Monday, January 30, 2012

Come Together

The Energy of February 2012 will continue revealing the New Millennium’s Presence upon Mother Earth as what shall not be in a State of Lovingness will begin to topple and eventually collapse! All that will be needed from you, dear Lightworker, is to encourage those around you with Light and Love, for the time to Come Together into the Brotherhood of Man will be upon us soon. The Brotherhood of Man will serve to usher in the conditions by which there will be a state of Sharing and Cooperating so that everyone will benefit in their Life’s Path of Joy in Living!

February 2012’s Energy will begin like a gentle rainfall as the status quo of “conditions of conflict” continues throughout the Earth. Unlike other times many are aware that Change is eminent and True to their Hearts, it is so! Choices will now need to be made according to the Law of Love, where there are just three conditions: Love one another; make no judgment; and acknowledge that God is Everything! Ponder upon this Truth within your Heart and Soul and you will begin to Create your Heart and Soul’s Expression of Love!

Timing will be critical as there is within the Powers of the Universal Energies the revealing of the New Millennium’s Presence upon Earth. The significance is that there will be a need to seek in earnestness, your Pathway of Joy even though conditions will not appear that they are ready. This will be where you, dear Lightworker, will begin to Create the Change! Teach the children of God to Love and Live under the Prevailing Light of God on a daily basis. This will initiate the Movement to Create the foundation in which everyone will prosper and become Light and Love once more!

On February 4, 2012 there will be a noticeable difference in the quality of the Energy as God’s Presence will be felt upon Mother Earth! This will necessitate an elevation of your understanding on what measures will need to be taken before the Universal Energies align to renew themselves on February 16, 2012. This time period will be a time of stillness for reinvigorating yourself, dear Lightworker! For the beginning of the end and the beginning of the beginning will need to count upon you, to be ready and able to maximize your Powers of Light and Love with the emergence of the New Millennium’s Presence!

Whatever extra time you can make between these two dates, February 4 to February 16, 2012, to mediate, sleep, and speak directly with your Higher Self, do so, for this will assist you in preparing for the days to come! For when the Universal Energies realign once more, things will progress rapidly and without your need to worry about your Pathway in the New Millennium! In these days to come the most important thing will be to do your own realignment with the New Energy. And in doing so you will serve the needs of the Movement so that others may, in their own way, turn to God for their own guidance!

The Brotherhood of Man will Come Together and align to ensure that egalitarian measures will be the standard rather than an exception in Man’s divisive way for competing in a “rigged” race! This has served no one and one need only look at the way of commerce and politics. The leaders become the ones with one hand already in the bank! You, dear Lightworker, will be initiating the Movement into which there will be no one seeking to marginalize another’s process of evolving in his or her Soul’s work! Recall the three conditions in the Law of Love! If there is a better Soul than yours to initiate God’s Plan, dear Lightworker, it would be God doing it all instead of you!

Look forward to the days that come but remain True to your Heart and Soul’s direction and there you will find, your share of Spiritual Prosperity through your own Joy in Living! Share this Promise with everyone you know! Teach the Law of Love so that they too will be capable in sharing the goodness that is the Promise of God’s Plan for Joy in Living for everyone! It will not be an overnight event as everything will need to develop through the sequence of Time and Energy – the Movement of the Soul – to become God’s Light and Love once more!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Millennium’s Presence, Part 2

As the month of January 2012 comes to a close, there will be the need to allow your powers of Light and Love to lead you through the continued darkness upon our Earth. This will not be the time for you, dear Lightworker, to fall out of faith in things that will not turn around, instead, just know that the time of the New Millennium’s Presence is here! Rumors of war will continue around the world as well as rumors instilling the fear that the world’s economy will collapse! Though these intertwined issues continue to be at the core of everyone’s fear, take these issues as a sign that Man of Destiny is hedging his bet upon conditions to continue because he is powerless!

Man of Destiny waits for signs of his Joy in Living to be served upon a platter rather than realizing that he or she can and will be able to Create it and much more if only he or she will apply Love into all that he or she will do! And now that the Legion of Light is on station in places of leadership around the world, it will be up to these ones to encourage, demonstrate, and lead the way into the New Millennium so that it will manifest into the lives of everyone upon Earth! What hinders everyone’s progress comes from those who resist in letting loose of control and debt enslavement without understanding that the world belongs to GOD!

During this last week of January 2012 the Universal Energies will be building buffers to block any attempts of increasing Fourth Dimensional expectations and beliefs. This will come by increasing Love Awareness while also increasing the awareness for a need in Brotherhood Consciousness. The long term goal will be to establish the Foundation of the New Millennium into the Hearts of everyone! It will not be easy for many but that is why, dear Lightworker, you have chosen and been chosen to help usher in the New Consciousness of the New Millennium!

The experiences of many Lightworkers upon the Earth Plane have left many tired and tried. This will no longer be the case as the Project of Light and Love upon Mother Earth is no longer in the charge of Lightworkers, but is now the Project of Light and Love directed  by GOD! Do not carry faint hearts, dear Lightworkers, all you will have to do is seek direct encouragement from the FATHER AND MOTHER OF ALL THINGS, GOD, and you will know that you are the LIGHT AND LOVE OF GOD!

The process of Creation is not an instantaneous thing upon the Earth Plane as you know, rather, it is a sequence of Time and Energy blending a possibility into manifestation. The possibility of the New Millennium is not a possibility at all it is an ABSOLUTE! There will still be residue from the Fourth Dimension until May 11, 2012 when that Energy will begin to expire! All paths of the Legion of Light – the entire assembly of Lightworkers – will be into the manifestation stage on April 18, 2012, three whole weeks before the expiring Energy of the Fourth Dimension will begin vanishing! This is why, dear Lightworker, it is critical that you remain faithful and confident in God’s Promise to bring everyone upon Earth into the Joy in Living!

The hindrances from Man of Destiny are many but not of his own fault, they have simply forgotten that they too are Light and Love! This will be the time in which everyone must unify and fortify themselves into the Brotherhood of Man – Sharing and Cooperating with one another to Create a communal world of Joy in Living – for this is the direction that the New Millennium will be going in order to Create Spiritual Prosperity for everyone involved! Do not let your task of Light and Love, which has become your charge, overwhelm you for you are endowed with the Unlimited Power of the SOURCE OF ALL THINGS, and that ONE IS GOD!

Man of Destiny will continue to waver between his or her Fourth Dimensional expectations and beliefs and learning to understand in the Fifth Dimension for as you now know, Creation from the Fourth Dimension continues until May 11, 2012 when everyone will begin Creating in the Fifth Dimension – the place where everyone will be INTEGRATING all of their accumulated knowledge and experience about Love, Joy, and Freedom with Truth from God! Let these days of Light and Love remain in your Heart to lead you!

In the mean time remain patient and know that Fourth Dimensional thoughts and actions will need to be played out and dissipated through the process of Creation! After May 15, 2012 there will no longer be Fourth Dimensional manifestations except by those who will carry memories from there. It will then be time for Man of Destiny to learn, understand, and process with all of his or her capacity to Live and Become Love, for that is who he or she truly is, an extension of God’s Light and Love!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Millennium’s Presence

On January 15, 2012 the Universal Energies will begin blending and directing all of its forces into Creating the New Millennium’s Presence upon Mother Earth! It will not be an instantaneous production, as most people would think. Rather it will be a gradual process that will take three more years to complete! This will be how long it will take to shift, transform, and integrate all of our Hearts and Souls into the Fifth Dimension Vibration!

The Transformation has already begun in our world and will continue to do so through the next three years. Do not fear, Brothers and Sisters of the Light, just know that whatever actions appear as unloving and without reason will actually become a blessing as those who will not align their Hearts and Souls into the New Millennium shall bring about their own lessons of Love. For now the time of turning Mother Earth into the Abode of Peace and Harmony will require our attention to understand the need to Transform our Vibrations for Life in the Fifth Dimension!

You who will be reading this article, Brothers and Sisters of the Light, already understand that Love exists outside of the Earth Plane. This will be an introduction to Man of Destiny so that he or she will learn to expand and advance into the Fifth Dimension with Love also! The Energies of January 15, 2012 will begin the Opportunity to choose whether or not to raise your Vibration in order to continue evolving with Mother Earth. It will also increase your capacity to learn and understand that Love will be the Foundation of everything we will think and do in the New Millennium. In due time this choice will advance everyone to experience an Unlimited Destiny that will defy all current understandings and standards that only seem to exist in a dream state!

Following this choice there will be the need to begin to gather together to form the Brotherhood of Man as a unit of Man and Light! This will be the beginning of the process of assisting everyone towards God’s Promise of Joy in Living for everyone! Do not let “obstacles” hinder your Path of Light during this three year movement for the only obstacle will be fear or indecision! Your own Path of Light is Destined to be fulfilled as you have been tested and found True to the Call of Light!

January 15, 2012 will be the second critical point in moving into the direction of Creating the New Millennium’s Presence upon Mother Earth! The first was on November 1, 2011 three days after we entered into the Fifth Dimension on October 28, 2011 with Mother Earth and our Milky Way Galaxy. November 1, 2011 opened the Doorway into our present state of Creating the New Millennium. Do not loose Heart but remain calm throughout the duration of these next three years! There will be great fear and panic among those who do not understand or who will resist moving into the New Millennium!

In the days to come, see the time period from January 15 to February 6, 2012 as one in which the Hearts of Man and Light will be weighed and measured for their quantity and quality of Love. It will be as if they were a camel about to pass through “the eye of a needle” for most, as the period of preparation is over! Those who will be ready to Live in the Energy of the New Millennium’s Presence will progress with their Heart and Soul’s Joy in Living while those who will not, will regress into a place of learning about Love! Fear not for all have been given ample time to learn, process, and understand!

This will be the beginning of the New Millennium’s Presence and those who have been willing and preparing for these days will see the Ever Present Light of the Universe begin to shine and lead them into Joy! Do not seek into the past for it is no longer there! Instead seek the world within your Heart and Soul – your Inner Self and find the way of Truth, Love, Joy and Brotherhood that lead to the REAL TRUE SECURITY upon Earth in the Fifth Dimension!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Universal Dance Part 3

The time to begin the physical experience of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will be on January 15, 2012! All internal and external adjustments will be complete as THE ENTIRE ASSEMBLY OF THE LEGION OF LIGHT will be on station and ready to begin their Pathways of Light! The week of January 8 to 14, 2012 will see all last minute preparations take place around the world as ALL PROJECTS OF LIGHT begin to blossom and bloom!

All Lightworkers, you know who you are, internally you will be ready! Fear will permeate the world of Man of Destiny but it will not be the time to hesitate. Let loose of your words and actions that will be driven from your Heart and Soul in order to usher in the Brotherhood of Man! The Music of Universal Dance will be heard loud and clear by all Lightworkers who have been in waiting for eons but know the Truth now, this is just the beginning of Creating the Abode of Peace and Harmony in the New Millennium!

The Energy of January 8, 2012 will produce the Path of Joy that has long been promised. Keep your thoughts to yourself and allow your vision of your future lead and inspire you. By the timing of early April 2012 you will begin to see your vision transform from thought to manifestation! The Joy in your Heart and Soul will work to transform our world more readily now in the Fifth Dimension than ever possible in the Fourth Dimension. And by aligning the Joy from your own Heart and Soul you will begin the process of role modeling the Way of Light and Love to a world in need of consistent Love!

Brotherhood Consciousness will be the way of functioning in the New Millennium and will be the foundation in all that we will think and do. For this reason it will be of utmost importance that Man of Destiny learn this now. On January 9, 2012 the Universal Energies will be testing him on his understanding about Sharing and Cooperating. Watch in Middle East as the “kings” posture for war and destruction and allow their egos to lead them into great catastrophe before the month will be done! This will make for terrible times but know that the Hand of God will prevail in bringing Light and Love upon Mother Earth!

On January 10, 2012 the time and need to express words of Cooperation and Brotherhood will be upon us. The Legion of Light will be representing the Hand of God in backroom tables sharing words of Peace and Harmony that will fall upon deaf ears. The foundation of the future of Man and Light will begin to form with or without those of ego! Let the Way of Light and Love bring you to understand that the physical experience of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will be upon us on January 15, 2012!

Understanding now that God’s Promise of Joy in Living will be upon everyone except for those who will choose not to operate with Love in their Heart. On January 11, 2012 the Opportunity to function as a Spiritual Being with Love and Brotherhood will lead everyone else to their full share of Spiritual Prosperity! It will not be long as our Earth and Milky Way Galaxy continue to adjust themselves within the Universe! During these next three years many more physical adjustments will be made upon Mother Earth but before we get there, the Legion of Light will increase the conscious level of awareness to the fact that we are all Spiritual Beings in material bodies! Unify now into the Brotherhood of Man!

January 12, 2012 will be the last day in which Fourth Dimensional attitudes and beliefs will be tolerated and will need to be released. The Fifth Dimension will not work in its fullest degree with fear or lack of belief instilled within anyone! Therefore declare on this day that you will concentrate your thoughts upon your Heart and Soul’s Joy in Living and bring in Light and Love to a world immersed with darkness and illusion! Bearer’s of Light and Love we bring in more Light and Love to bring Progress and Balance to All Things upon Earth!

The Music of the Universal Dance will become louder and louder until everyone upon Mother Earth will begin to Harmonize with its tune of Truth, Love, Peace, and Brotherhood! On January 13, 2012 our Joy in Living will be one step closer as the Legion of Light will function to expand with the Energy of Love. We are already attuned to the Energy of Love but in expanding it outwardly, we will assist Man of Destiny in learning to begin his own foundation for the future – the Energy of Love as the basis of ALL SECURITY!

Every member of the Legion of Light will be in place for the decisions to be made on January 14, 2012. Be strong and elevate yourself with your Heart and Soul that bears the plan you were designed to undertake and accomplish! The time has come to begin the physical experience of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium and in a short time those who hinder its entrance will be out of the way! Send Light and Love to all for our strength and source comes from the Power of All, God!

The physical experience of the New Millennium will begin on January 15, 2012. There will only be the need to stand aside while everyone and everything that hinders its beginning will be removed from the sphere of influence! This will only be a short time so that by the middle of February 2012 everyone will begin the New Universal Year in the cadence and rhythm of the Music of the Universal Dance that began on December 29, 2011! Bear good tidings to all who will know and understand that we are all united in Brotherhood through the Source of All, God!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Universal Dance Part 2

The year 2012 will begin with the momentum that began on December 29, 2011 – The Music of the Universal Dance! This Music will not stop until everyone upon Mother Earth will be Living and making their choices based upon Love! Though this will take until the ending of 2015 and may seem impossible in today’s conditions and influences, do not let these circumstances fool you! Everything and everyone will come to understand and begin working together in order to begin living within the Brotherhood of Man! Most will be reluctant to do so but by the end of 2015, understanding that working together to Change and Transform our societies will be everyone’s responsibility!

The Energy of January 1, 2012 will begin the year’s momentum with the Musical Symphony of the Universe working to bring Brotherhood Consciousness into everyone’s awareness. The Legion of Light will already be in place to bring about this transition. Some will come from obscure placements but be aware everyone will know who they are by the ending of 2015. Those who control the masses in order to keep everyone in their “proper” place will begin to take chances beyond their own capabilities as they will not hear the Symphony of the Universe! Instead, they will only hear their own egos driving them to divide, control, and keep the masses in fear! Seek counsel within your Heart and Soul, listen, and move beyond the fear that they will cause!

On January 2, 2012 the Universal Energies will almost be complete with the expansion of the Foundation for the New Millennium and Fifth Dimension. This day will bring forward the responsibility for each and every one of us to begin evaluating our terms of Security. Security founded upon the growth of our Spirit to increase our abilities to create will be the need to function in the New Millennium and Fifth Dimension. This transition of functioning from within our Spiritual side will eliminate all limited Fourth Dimensional attitudes and beliefs! It will not be an easy transition for most but the Legion of Light will be rising to the occasion to assist a world in need of learning and understanding who they really are – Beings of Light and Love!

Everything we are experiencing in the Fifth Dimension is dependent upon our own source of Love. Love is the key for making progress in the New Millennium and Fifth Dimension. On January 3, 2012 the Universal Energies will be sending us to act upon our Heart and Soul’s guidance. By learning to listen and to trust our Heart and Soul, we will become instrumental in developing and enhancing our awareness to what we have come to do rather than becoming what we are not! This day will give us the Opportunity to choose to live our Joy in Living for the expansion of our Foundation for the New Millennium and Fifth Dimension will be complete!

Our Joy in Living is dependent upon our input of Love. Without Love, there will be no movement or progress in these days of wonder! January 4, 2012 will continue the Opportunity to begin our Joy in Living. Many will take both of these days to consider how much they will have to sacrifice in order to find their Joy in Living. Why would this choice be so difficult? Many are currently living in lives that they brought into the Fifth Dimension without making the transition from Fourth Dimension beliefs and expectations. This month and year will be the time to make this transition as the Joy in Living for everyone is the Promise of God!

The Energy of January 5, 2012 will open the Gateway into our Joy in Living! Many will wonder what they will be doing to make a living with their newfound Joy. Let go of Fourth Dimensional beliefs and expectations and let your Heart and Soul CREATE all that you will need and more! Now will be the time to begin to seek and learn to become a Co – Creator with God so that all of our gifts and talents can merge within the Circle of Light that the Brotherhood of Man will Create and become! All will be in place so expect movement forward as those who will hinder this Great Coming Together of God will be sidestepped, ignored, and pushed beyond the sphere of influence!

The Opportunity of January 6, 2012 will be for us to choose how far we will merge within the Brotherhood of Man. Some will still need to develop trust while others will need to increase their own capacity to relate with their own Heart and Soul. The Legion of Light will avail themselves to increase learning and bring understanding to those who lack skills and experience in both of these causes. But as long as they will be willing to learn and experience this newfound life this will not become an issue! Everything is complete in the Foundation of the New Millennium and Fifth Dimension! All that will be needed now, will be participants whose Heart and Souls are ready to move forward into New Horizon of Man and Light!

On January 7, 2012 the Universal Energies will intensify in their task to awaken Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light with their calling to move forward into the New Horizon. These next few days will be critical for beginning our Joy in Living within the Brotherhood of Man and in pursuing this Gift of Lovingness! Media reports will be filled with many misunderstandings and misinterpretations as they will gauge the world with Fourth Dimensional expectations and beliefs! Do not let yourself be fooled with their fear but rather, continue to concentrate upon your Heart and Soul’s Light and Love to guide you in these days of Chaos and Confusion!

The first week of January 2012 will set many precedents in terms of what we will be doing in the very near future. Honor your Heart and Soul and you will find progress and gain experience in living your life with Love and Joy. There will be many slow to apply the New Knowledge of their Heart and Soul into their lives and just as many who will not learn to trust others, much less themselves, but know and understand, that all is as it should be – on its way to Changing and Transforming the world for the New Millennium! The Universal Dance has begun!