Friday, December 16, 2011

Mood of Love

There will no longer be a waiting period to experience the Reality of the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium as the foundation is already in place! Beginning on December 17, 2011 the Universal Energies will begin to penetrate into the Hearts and Souls of everyone upon Earth with daily doses of influence for those who have been long in wait. Moving in an easterly direction and beginning upon the lands of Europe and Africa the Universal Energies will function to examine the readiness and preparation of everyone’s Heart and Soul for life in the Fifth Dimension.

If they have maintained the correct proportion of willingness in their Heart and Soul to learn and grow with Love, then they will have easily passed the Test of Lovingness. If there will be a domination of fear and ego to guide the Heart then there will be experiences that will lead them to learn, grow, and begin to understand that Love is the key to finding the Joy in Living in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium! In understanding this key they will learn that Sharing and Cooperating in the Brotherhood of Man, everyone will prevail!

On December 17, 2011 the Universal Energies will be blossoming with the Energy of Love to bring everyone willing to participate in the Fifth Dimension growth in security and assurance that their Pathways of Joy will be fulfilled! For when Lovingness begins as one’s foundation there is growth in the willingness to Change and Transform into the next level of achievement! Become Love and seek the Freedom of Life in the New Millennium within your Heart and Soul!

Many upon Earth will begin to disengage themselves from their political leaderships of self-interest and align themselves to bring down the Darwinian ideology of “survival of the fittest.” The application of this ideology was not meant for categorizing Humanity but for creatures who do not have the inherent ability to Create like God! On December 18, 2011 the Doorways to open the gateways of Humanity’s Powers of Creation will open. Many will not know how to apply these principles of Lovingness but will be willing to learn through the evolving Brotherhood of Man!

The Energies will be high on December 19, 2011 as the Legion of Light will begin to restore the Ways of God into a world replete with the Ways of Man! Many will find that their Fourth Dimensional beliefs no longer serve them. Some will eagerly seek the guidance that the Legion of Light will begin to spread the world over. Others will stand where they are shocked and stunned by the events unraveling from the continent of Europe. This will only be the beginning as the Fourth Dimensional beliefs and expectations begin to give way to the Ways of God!

What will the Ways of God bring into the world that the Ways of Man could not? The Joy in Living that is produced when the Energy of Love is aligned with the Energy of God within you!  This will also be the final outcome with the pervading Energies in the next several years! Now will be the time to begin to align with them and learn how to harness them as the Energy of December 20, 2011 will demand that everyone begin their foundation of Life with the Power of Love within him or her. In emulating this Act of God, everyone will begin to utilize their True Potential to Create their Joy in Living without effort, limit, or hindrance for you will become a Co –Creator with God with the Power of Love from your Heart and Soul!

The preliminary days of internal growth and expansion in our Hearts and Souls will signal that the first phase will end on December 21, 2011 as it will now be time to apply our newfound internal knowledge into our external world. This stage will begin our time of enacting our new fundamentals of Creation. All you will need to remember will be to seek what brings you the Joy in Living within your Heart and Soul. If you Think without limits and feel the experience as if it is real much will be accomplished in this day where the Energies will Truly support the Love within you!

Turmoil along with Chaos and Confusion will prevail over those who will not apply the Law of Love within their world. Many will still be learning while others will begin understanding and processing within the Domain of Love, the Fifth Dimension! On December 22, 2011 the Energies will bring those who lack understanding to learn that the entire purpose of their being in the Fifth Dimension will be to begin living their lives with Lovingness and to develop Brotherhood Consciousness – the attitude of Sharing and Cooperating with everyone! There will still be time for them to develop but it will be short!

The lessons of those who live upon the continent of Europe will make those in other parts of the world take heed as their lives will require that they take measures to lessen the collateral damage about to bombard their seashores. The Universal Energies of December 23, 2011 will introduce the lesson of security! Those who will know and understand that True Security comes by applying the Law of Love within their Hearts and Souls will remain calm throughout this time period while those who will value the Ways of Man will see their worlds rattle and shake with the purpose of bringing them into the Brotherhood of Man!

The Test of Lovingness will begin during this time period and will leave no one untested with his or her capacity to Love! These days will be an ordeal for many but as long as they will be willing to learn the rules of the Fifth Dimension and let go of the Fourth Dimensional beliefs and expectations, they will eventually progress themselves. The time to actively pursue the responsibility of becoming a Co – Creator with God upon the Abode of Peace and Harmony is here!