Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Window Part 2

In this forecast of October 9 through 17, 2011, The Window of the Fifth Dimension will become visible to all who will gaze inside themselves with their Heart and Soul’s Eye.  For with the Eye of our Hearts and Souls we will Create everything that we will ever need and do to attain our Joy in Living and thereby enhance and increase our life’s Spiritual Prosperity! Many will still not understand how to Create and will proceed into the Fifth Dimension with the expectation that they will need to purchase their life’s Joy in Living! This will not be so!

Our current economic system hinders and limits our Power to Create. This comes through our system’s demand that we purchase our life’s necessities with government approved currencies within a system that can easily be manipulated and controlled. In the Fifth Dimension we will all become Co – Creators with God and eliminate the need for currencies or a controlled economic system! We will Create all that we will ever need and do by offering our innate and inherent skills and talents to develop our Heart and Soul’s task! This will be the main reason that many will still be in disbelief and confusion about what they will do in the Fifth Dimension!

Our Earth will begin making her Ascension into the Fifth Dimension on October 28, 2011 with our solar system and Milky Way Galaxy. It will be a three-day process. On October 9, 2011 our Earth will proceed into a stage of expansion and contraction and will bring everyone upon her to know and understand of her intention to Ascend. The Legion of Light will be assisting her by spreading their messages of Truth and Love about what will need to be done in these remaining days until the Ascension occurs. However, the lack of comprehension of the masses will leave them not ready to understand that they will soon need to let go of what they are protecting and hoarding! This is so that they will learn to become Co-Creators with God!

The Season of God began on August 17, 2011 and will endure through November 16, 2011 when we will already be living in the Fifth Dimension! It will not be an overnight process in becoming a Co – Creator with God but on October 10, 2011 the Universal Energies will provide an impetus for everyone to learn and understand through the process of Flow. The internal process of Flow is ordained as our means for gaining wisdom and understanding in our lives. By internalizing in quietness and processing what Truth and Love give us as our way of becoming a Co – Creator with God, we will be ready to begin Creating with our Hearts and Souls before we enter the Fifth Dimension! Thereby keeping ourselves in a state of calmness and peace while the masses persist through the Chaos and Confusion!

The Full Moon of October 11, 2011 will be providing the Energy to channel and harness our emotional states into a conduit for measuring our preparation for our Joy in Living. Joy in Living is the state of calmness and peacefulness experienced when one is content with their life’s status, as in a state of Gratitude and Thanksgiving. Many will begin to find the inspiration for progressing themselves! This day will also mark the Realm of Negativity’s realization that there will be little time left for their ultimate goal of control and power over what belongs to God! There will be an unceasing increase in the already heightened Chaos and Confusion all around the world! Stand tall and place your Energy where you may best find calmness!

The more we begin to value and acclimate into our new surroundings in the Fifth Dimension, the more responsive our thoughts of Love and Joy will align with our Creative Abilities. On October 12, 2011 the Universal Energies will increase our awareness towards our Expanding Purpose in the Fifth Dimension. All along this has been God’s Plan and now it will be revealed to everyone! The Legion of Light will delight in the knowing that Man of Destiny has progressed his learning enough to prepare himself for the Fifth Dimension! Though most will not be ready for their new surroundings after October 28, 2011 there will still come a realization that those who will enter into the Fifth Dimension will find that they will have only one goal – to Create a brand new world!

Sides will have been chosen and on October 13, 2011 the Evolution of bringing all Humanity into the Movement of Light for the Fifth Dimension will begin. The battle shall linger until October 31, 2011 while our Earth and Milky Way Galaxy Ascend into our new resting place. There will be much loss to both sides but the Power of the Legion of Light and God will prevail over the forces of darkness. For when the new Energy of November 1, 2011 commingles with our Earth’s, it will open the Doorway of the Thousand Years of Peace for all who have sought out the Dimension of Love! Begin now to express your Love and Joy by opening your Heart and Soul!

Our entry into the Fifth Dimension will not produce instantaneous manifestations of “magic” to disillusion us. Rather Creation will simply become easier as the Particles of Light that make up all material things will contain more Light instead of mixed particles of Light and “shadows of Light” that we have in our current Dimension. On October 14, 2011 the Universal Energies will assist us in Creating with the basis of Love by beginning our Foundation of Love within us as our futures will depend upon Creating with Love and being responsible for Creating our own Joy of Living. These principles are an Absolute and imperative for Living in the Fifth Dimension!

October 15, 2011 will leave just thirteen days left until we will Ascend into the Fifth Dimension, despite all the continuing Chaos and Confusion. On this day the Universal Energies will have us acknowledge the Progress we have made thus far as there will be many things that will appear as though they are not Progressing. Therefore do not be deceived by what you shall hear and see from media reports that will report news items that will maintain that everything about our world is the same as in the past! Instead, know inside of yourself that everything will be moving into a better place – the Fifth Dimension!

Our Ascension into the Fifth Dimension is an Absolute! There will not be anything or anyone to prevent God’s Promise of Joy in Living from going into motion, so even as the events of October 16, 2011 reveal themselves, keep yourself focused upon the Absolutes that come with God’s Promise of Joy in Living – 1) There will be a New Beginning! 2) There will be a New Purpose for our lives! And 3) Brotherhood Consciousness will be the New Standard by which we will be measured! Bring all of your hopes and dreams to the forefront and allow your Heart and Soul to Create them for it is time!

The Legion of Light will be stepping forward on October 17, 2011 as Man of Destiny will begin to retreat and reluctantly relinquish what he long felt was his “God given right” to control. Some will remain stationary until October 31, 2011 knowing and regretting that their assumed role to act as “god” was not theirs! Others who have known no other world but the Earth Dimension will not know what to think or do and cause more Chaos and Confusion! There will be many hard lessons to realize in these days as the Legion of Light will begin to organize and demonstrate their own inherent gifts from God and lead the world into the Fifth Dimension!

After the Three Day Ascension Process into the Fifth Dimension, November 1, 2011 will usher in the Doorway of the Thousand Years of Peace! Though there will still remain residual Chaos and Confusion, it will take until January 4, 2012 for all Energies to blend, merge, and coagulate together. So do not loose faith and fall back into the past way of thinking and acting for we are on the verge of a New Horizon! Let your Heart and Soul be your guide in Creating your Joy of Living in the Fifth Dimension!