Friday, October 28, 2011

Doorway for 1000 Years

This forecast period begins with God’s Promise of One Thousand Years of Peace – The New Millennium! Though everything will “seem” as if nothing has physically Changed, it will be the quality and essence of Life that will Change! Everyone present upon Mother Earth will be in the Fifth Dimension, The Dimension of Love, and will become invigorated with the Energy of Love so that they may flourish within it!

The Ascension into the Fifth Dimension will introduce Humanity into an environment filled with Lovingness that will be unfamiliar and present problems related to this unfamiliarity. The keys to working within the Fifth Dimension will be to gain self-knowledge and understanding with your Heart and Soul – your Inner Self. Without these two key life enhancers there will be struggle to comprehend the New Dimension and failure to understand that the standards for living upon Earth have Changed!

Our need to utilize self-knowledge derived from our Inner Self will begin on November 1, 2011 when we will all enter through the Doorway of the New Millennium! There will be many who will still not be ready but as long as they learn that their Inner Self will lead them into the New Millennium, they will be fine. The Legion of Light will be moving forward to provide leadership and assistance to those who will come to ask while world leaders and their followers, who have not begun processing with their Inner Self, will become like puppets waiting for a puppeteer to make them perform, unbalanced and in confusion! Seek guidance from your Inner Self to begin Life anew and Create your Joy in Living!

On November 2, 2011 the Universal Energies will produce a third consecutive Doorway in as many days. The first on October 31st brought in the awareness of learning for a New Life while the second on November 1st ushered in the Abode of Peace as the place of New Life. The third Doorway will direct us to understand and process with the Way of Brotherhood to live our lives in our new Way of Life. Though many understand the concepts of Sharing and Cooperating, conditioning in the previous dimension has made too many to think in the sense of financial assets. This will not be so as the New Economy of Sharing and Cooperating will be inclusive and not exclusive of anyone for there will be No Rich and No Poor in the New Millennium!

Keep the above Doorways in mind whenever you will feel “left behind” with your Joy in Living. God’s Promise of Joy in Living is Truth and has begun! On November 3, 2011 the Energies will remind you what your Joy in Living will be about. By beginning within your Inner Self and exercising your Powers to Create there will be no limit as to what you can Create! And as long as you internalize and not seek from external sources you will begin to live Time as the Movement of the Soul! Dream and let your Inner Self transform your life into Love, Joy and Spiritual Prosperity!

The drama you will be witnessing in these days will be from those who have not reached into their Inner Self. Suffice it to say there will be many who still have not awakened from within and realized that the world is different! On November 4, 2011 there will be many misguided plans and attempts to “stabilize” the monetary systems by world leaders and politicians. All that they will attempt to do will be to remain in financial control and keep what they think to be theirs among themselves. Until they come to understand that the World belongs to God they will fail again and again as Brotherhood Consciousness and Joy in Living are the Way of Life upon Earth in the New Millennium!

The New Security of the New Millennium will not be based upon how many financial assets and valuables you can stash away in safe keeping but upon the strength of your Inner Self in Creating all that you will need for your Heart and Soul’s Pathway! The New Security Consciousness will begin on November 5, 2011 as the Universal Energies have ordained our Earth’s Pathway as the Abode of Peace and Harmony! Many precedents will be appearing in this initial stage of the New Millennium and though our Earth’s appearance will not “seem” as if anything has Changed, ALL HAS CHANGED!

On November 6, 2011 there will come great debates among the people of all nations as to whether or not there should be governments to control and constrict access to life’s necessities. The masses have endured with their governments and their policies and will realize that they have been duped! There will be much unrest in the month of November 2011 as many who took for granted that they were “cared for” by their governments will now enlist with the Individual Rights Movement already happening now! Joy in Living is the call to every Soul upon Earth and this will be one more sign to everyone that ALL HAS CHANGED!

There will be many who will remain anxious, restless, and even in fear over events appearing on their media screens on November 7, 2011. If there should be anything to fear in these initial days of the New Millennium it will be the loss of our connection to our Inner Self and its connection to God Presence! Surround yourself with thoughts of Love and Joy and be assured that your Inner Self will remain on task to Create your Joy in Living as the Universal Energies remain constant to usher in the New Millennium for our manifestations!

The Energy of November 8, 2011 will signify a transition day. God and his Legion of Light have initiated all actions to bring about the New Millennium and now it will be up to each and every single Soul to take Responsibility for manifesting what each has come to do. Some will still be resistant and try to seek a path of “security” in material things but that will not serve anyone in the Brotherhood of Man’s plan to Share and Cooperate with everyone! Look to your Inner Self and seek the way of your Joy in Living and make your contribution as a Co – Creator with God!

The month of November 2011 will be a brief period of acclimation into the New Millennium. There will be much unrest. Some unrest will be from residual Chaos and Confusion from before the Ascension and some will be from the New Standards of the New Millennium. The time of December 2011 through January 2012, however, will bring decisive actions to not only implement but to instill the New Standards of the New Millennium into place all over the world! Look forward for the time of the New Millennium has been introduced to everyone open to receiving!