Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Dawning

During this last week of October 2011 we will be witnessing our Earth and Milky Way Galaxy Ascend into the Fifth Dimension. It will all begin on the evening of October 28, 2011 PDT and will take three days for us to pass through the Light Portal. Be prepared with Love in your Heart so that you may quickly assimilate with Mother Earth’s New Vibration! There will be many who will not be aware of this Evolutionary Universal Event and even as the month of November 2011 completes they will still not be aware of the Change except by their Heart and Soul’s recognition of Love!

Time will either become your best friend or your worst adversary in the days to come, as Time will be fusing with a new spectrum of measurement – Time as Movement of the Soul! When you will allow your Heart and Soul to lead you, Time will dissolve into an experience of Joy! On the other hand if you let yourself become absorbed into tedious activities so will your heightened sensitivity bring you extreme monotony as your senses become your guides toward your inward journey of finding your Joy in Living!

On October 25, 2011 the Universal Energies will be pointing everyone into a One Direction – the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. How we acclimate there will be our choosing as our inner processes have been enhanced to seek our Joy in Living. Many will be aware that they have become more sensitive but cannot attribute their lack of understanding to the inner channels of their Heart and Soul! The experience is New and so will the way we experience! Learn to Create your world from within to find your Heart and Soul’s Joy of Living for the external world will lead you back into the great illusion!

When we recognize that our Inner Self, through our Heart’s Expression, Creates every possible experience we will seek, we will become selective and base our Creations upon what our Inner Self needs to enhance our Spiritual Prosperity. No longer will we seek to compare and contrast but instead, we will contribute to the Brotherhood of Man and increase our Responsibility to become a Co – Creator with God! The Energy of October 26, 2011 will bring such a revelation to ourselves if we open up and seek the Kingdom of God within us!

On the day before Mother Earth and our Milky Way Galaxy Ascend there will still be ample time to prepare for this once in a Great Age experience. Simply surround yourself with all your thoughts of Love and Joy and do not allow fear to come near you! If you will do this exercise of the Heart the Universal Energies of October 27, 2011 will do the rest for you. What shall follow in the next three days will be an instantaneous movement of the 10 million stars of the Milky Way Galaxy that will take three Earth days to complete! Become Love and Live in Joy!

The Light Portal and Gateway into the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium will align with our Milky Way Galaxy on October 28, 2011. There will be no need to panic or cling to fear as the surge of Love will begin to inundate our Lives! Become inspired and live as if you lack nothing in your Pathway’s entry for it is so! We will begin our journey with Unlimited Truth, Love, and Knowledge to gain our Joy in Living from God’s Universal Energies! Love and let your share of Spiritual Prosperity come to you always!

There will be strong waves of Energy bombarding our Mother Earth beginning on October 29, 2011. She will be making adjustments internally and upon her external surface as likewise we will also be making. God’s Universal Energies will be guiding the entire process of Ascension so there will be nothing to fear. Remain in a State of Lovingness and Joy and all will go well beyond your expectations! Many will not understand what they will be experiencing and will attempt to go forward with their daily routines. If there should be a word of caution it shall come in the way many will process this Change, it will come with extended periods of sleep to internalize and connect with the New Energy of the Fifth Dimension!

The Universal Energies will be accelerating to complete our unified Ascension into the Fifth Dimension on October 30, 2011. There will be extra assistance provided by God and the Legion of Light to bring forth Truth and Understanding for this period of the Great Transformation. Many will have only begun to Awaken themselves internally but will still not see the source of the Light which casts the shadows upon their walls. Externally they will still meander with their daily routines as if in a state of sleep while realizing that “something is different!”

There will appear a Great Doorway in the Heavens on October 31, 2011 that will foreshadow all the future events to come! The first day will signal that Mother Earth will be ready for her task of Creating the foundation of Peace, Love, and Harmony. The second day will signal that Humanity will be ready for their own Pathways of living with Peace, Love, and Harmony with God’s Promise of a Thousand Years of Peace! Let these days bring you to celebrate the reason that everyone has come to witness the New Reality! God’s Promise of Joy in Living will finally be here upon Earth!

It has been a long and enduring process to bring everyone back into a state of Lovingness. Though many will still not understand what has happened they will work slowly to remove the dust from their Hearts and Souls and remember that they are Co – Creators with God once more! The month of November 2011 will become a period of acclimation for everyone to learn and become acquainted with their new surroundings. November 2011 will also bring in much disbelief that anything even happened. However, December 2011 will manifest major external Change for the better and will open the way for everyone to live in Peace, Brotherhood, and Harmony! Look forward for the days of God’s Promise of Joy in Living are here!