Sunday, July 17, 2011

The New Security

We are beginning the third of seven phases for preparing for the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium in mid-July 2011. EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE on October 28, 2011! Do not look for a return to the “old ways” as humanity will continue to cry for jobs, economic prosperity, and stimulant funding to support the old way of life and not God’s Promise of a New Life! Look around and watch as the media calls for the government and private investors to support and revitalize the “old way of life” but know that every attempt will fail! Chaos and Confusion will prevail until EVERYONE will be preparing and finding his way into the Fifth Dimension!

Look forward and know that the Prevailing Winds of Change are already blowing and soon those who will continue to ignore the call for Change will soon be left with Nothing to call their own except for a longing of the past when all was stable and known! These days have long been prophesized and NOW THEY WILL BE HERE! Move forward with the Energy of Change and learn to become the Soul you were meant to be – An Unlimited Co-Creator with God and the Brotherhood of Man!

The third phase of preparing for the Fifth Dimension began on July 17, 2011 and ushered in the New Security of the Fifth Dimension, Brotherhood Consciousness with God. Brotherhood Consciousness will increase our Love and Trust for each other to Share and Cooperate. On July 18, 2011 the Energies will begin to send the Legion of Light forward to speak openly about the Truth of our time. Many will not listen for they will be in fear and not with God in these days. The Truth from the Legion of Light will provide the Plan for Beginning and Preparing! Fear not in these days for God awaits those who will reciprocate His Love!

The key to understanding and preparing for these days will be to be in Lovingness so that Love becomes the foundation of all you will do and express. The Universal Energies of July 19, 2011 will bring wisdom for everyone to understand and process by increasing their awareness of these days. The Legion of Light will be emphasizing the Plan for Beginning and Preparing while Man of Destiny will choose to be in fear or to Become the Change of these days! Listen within and discern your own Truth for here you shall begin and prosper!
If you will remain open and balanced without procrastination on July 20, 2011 you will succeed as the Universal Energies will provide you with the tools of Change. On this day it will be wise to learn that Time as movement of the Soul will bring you inspiration and growth and is through the Way of Living in Flow! The New Security of the Fifth Dimension will be Brotherhood Consciousness and will also require us to learn to Flow so that we will be FREE to seek our Joy in Living! Listen to the Voice of the Legion of Light for they will be showing and demonstrating God’s Promise of a New Life upon Earth!

On July 21, 2011 the Voice of the Legion of Light will become louder and clearer as these next three days, July 21, 22, and 23, will begin the final battle between the Legion of Light and Man of Negativity and his forces. Man of Negativity has already chosen to fight and tighten his grip of the “old ways” against God and the Legion of Light. See July 21st to be a day in which Man of Negativity will give glory to himself and his way of “capitalism without competition” to control and enslave everyone financially as he will openly mock God’s Promise of a New Life. Live not in fear for God Listens and Loves all who will follow Him and his Promise of a New Life upon Earth!

The Legion of Light is a small but mighty force upon Earth. They function to spread Light and Love to all corners of our world. The current problem upon Earth is Man of Destiny’s prevailing fear and mourning for the “old ways,” as he is convinced that the way of God is through the economy that enslaves him! Far from the Truth for as you will see on July 22, 2011 the economy will worsen for those who hold it as enslavers! Man of Negativity’s economy has always been against the Laws of God and this day will bring it to dismantle like the Tower of Babel! God has heard your prayers for assistance in these days but now it is time for Man of Destiny to take responsibility and destiny into his own hands and Become the Change of these days!

The blinding Force of Light on July 23, 2011 will not come from Heaven but from Earth as the Legion of Light will come out to fulfill the Commands of God! The Fifth Dimension is the description of Heaven in the Bible for it will be our Earth and those who allow Truth and Love to guide them that will ascend into the Fifth Dimension on October 28, 2011! Understand and process with Truth and Love in these days until October 28, 2011 as those who do not understand will continue in Chaos and Confusion while those who do understand will have Peace and Serenity! It’s all a matter of choice!

This portion of July 2011 will begin the third phase for preparing for the Fifth Dimension. Many will still be in fear because what they have known will be in a state of Chaos and Confusion. Though they may have had some understanding of the Great Transformation, few would have thought that they would have to BE the Process of Change!  Let this Change bring you out of fear to know and understand that God is fulfilling his Promise of a New Life upon Earth!