Monday, July 11, 2011

Balance in All Things Part 2

The main theme in the first part of July 2011 is to seek Balance in All that we think and do as this will be the way to understand and process the emerging New Reality. At this point we will still be offered many more Opportunities to Choose how we will Create our circumstances in the Fifth Dimension and New Millennium. Soon however these Opportunities will end and leave us to move forward ready or not! Take time to center yourself and segregate your thoughts of illusion from the new possibilities of the New Reality being produced by the Universal Energies.

On July 11, 2011 the Universal Energies will provide an Opportunity for our Choosing. This Choice will affect the role we will allow Brotherhood Consciousness to play in our lives and how much Joy we will achieve through our Choice. Inevitably Brotherhood Consciousness will become the means of our Security and Joy in the New Millennium but for now we will need to develop Trust and Love for one another! Let the Choice of your Heart lead you through the Great Transformation!

Our emotions have the strongest influence in how much we will grow and expand with our concepts and understandings for the New Millennium. When our emotions are used with conscious awareness towards this goal we will come to understand that WE ARE UNLIMITED! On July 12, 2011 this will be the concept to understand and process in your Heart and Soul, as this will enhance your Heart and Soul’s work in the New Millennium. Expand your Mind and allow yourself to explore and experience life as you were meant to be – as an Unlimited Co-Creator with God!

As it is now most do not understand that time is an illusion that hinders the process of our Soul’s growth, especially when emotions become entangled with painful and sorrow filled memories. This negative process creates fear and holds us back from our life’s opportunities for fear of being hurt again. On July 13, 2011 the Universal Energies will grant us the Opportunity to Choose to learn and understand the process of moving through Time for our Soul’s growth with the process of Flow. Flow will slow down time as we know it and allow us to think and become decisive to intensify our experiences for the Joy of Living by letting go of expectations derived from modern commercialism and their constant attack of “you need this product NOW!”

The concepts of Flow and being Unlimited are interrelated as concepts in mastering your life’s decision-making processes. Life decisions with Flow brings time to you as if there are no deadlines and thereby allows you take your time to be Unlimited in choosing whatever your Soul necessitates to receive its fulfillment of Joy for Living! The Energy of July 14, 2011 will implement our understanding of Flow into practice in our lives and will unravel our schedule and plans to Create Time as the Movement of the Soul! Try as you might to keep a schedule you will eventually surrender for the Universal Energies will be readying you for the Fifth Dimension and all that your Pathway will require there!

Once again the Universal Energies will be offering us two Opportunities to Choose our way in the Fifth Dimension. In this case they will concern our concepts of Security and Brotherhood Consciousness on July 15, 2011. Though our society currently uses competition to legitimize the practice of capitalism, this is not the Truth, as the Capitalists maintain control upon their monopolies simply to dominate the world’s economy. They have even convinced us that money is the only security you will ever need and that Brotherhood Consciousness does not support building security without competition. Truth will be known that the Fifth Dimension will build security upon the foundation of Brotherhood Consciousness and this will be the Choice to be given on this date! Let these days of trial become the way to your Heart’s Joy of Living!

The Energy of July 16, 2011 will strengthen and intensify as the second phase of preparing for the Fifth Dimension begun on April 15, 2011 will complete. The first phase completed on June 15, 2011 and functioned to establish the mantra of “Are you Living in Joy?” as the question to lead us forward. The second phase functioned to begin the process of bringing Balance into All Things upon Earth, while the next phase will usher in the new concept of Security for the Fifth Dimension. Legion of Light and Man of Destiny will be witnessing days that will require constant attention to reach life enriching decisions to prepare themselves for the Fifth Dimension and beyond! Remain grounded, seek the Truth and you will know that you will be prepared for the Fifth Dimension and your Joy of Living!

July 17, 2011 will begin the third phase of preparing for the Fifth Dimension. In this phase we will be developing a new concept of Security and this will come by raising our awareness of Brotherhood Consciousness. Brotherhood Consciousness will function to unify and promote a society that Shares and Cooperates with each other. Additionally the Universal Energies will also provide the Opportunity to incorporate Brotherhood Consciousness as our Security base. Though many centuries have passed to realize this concept once more it will now become a mandate for our entry into the Fifth Dimension. Begin the process of realizing all your dreams through the Security that Brotherhood Consciousness will provide!

The Universal Energies have been gently guiding us into the Fifth Dimension since May 9, 1992 and now the gentle coaxing will no longer be there as we will now have until October 28, 2011 to complete our decision making process to enter or not. Those who will choose not to participate due to extreme life changes will be allowed to enter at a later date for they are ones Created in this solar system and will not be able to leave until everyone and everything has evolved into becoming a Co – Creator with God and His Universe!