Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Time of God Part 3

The remaining days of February 2011 will bring forth the New Energy of the Universal Year begun on February 17, 2011. This will be the time to implement and initiate all of your new endeavors to promote your Soul’s Spiritual and material well being. Do not waste your time thinking about limitations for the Great Transformation has begun!

On February 20, 2011 the Universal Energies will open the pathway for Man of Destiny to not only enter but to BECOME a living member of the Great Brotherhood of Man. This will increase and enhance his Pathway in the New Millennium with Joy in his achievements and awareness of the Spiritual tools he will now attain. Enter this Pathway Man of Destiny and Light and Love will guide you with Truth into your Destiny!

You have witnessed recent great events in the world that are signs that the Great Transformation into the New Millennium is here! There will be more signs of Hope all around you on February 21st as thoughts and feelings that promote your sense of Joy will prevail if you allow them to enter into your realm of consciousness. Fear and worry will be absent in the New Millennium so remain in your space of calm where everything you will think about will be possible!

The Universal Energies will be opening Man of Destiny’s opportunity to Create the Pathway of his Spiritual Purpose on February 22, 2010! The Path will be available because the Legion of Light has been working diligently to succeed in the material realm in doing God’s Work upon Earth. There will be more arduous tasks to come for both the Legion of Light and Man of Destiny but for the time being the initiation of the New Horizon will be on hand.

What may be appearing as miracles and wonders in these days are not, for people upon Earth are beginning to realize the Power of God within themselves! On February 23rd the Universal Energies will be guiding everyone into gaining awareness of their own Power of God within as the Brotherhood of Man will contain and sustain all who will enter and become a Force of God to dismantle the beasts of greed and fear as vices will have no place in the New Millennium!

We all contain varying levels of belief in the New Millennium but on February 24th the days of credibility will be here to stay as the key ingredient to Create whatever you will need for your life’s Path will be Love! This is the Love that comes from your heart and Soul through God’s Love to produce the Joy you have been craving. Some have achieved it in the past and inspired others to lead them beyond injustices. Today and all the days that shall follow will provide the potential to Activate your God Love for finding the key to your Destiny!

Take all malignant thoughts of the past and bury them on February 25th, as the way will be open to Process the New Horizon! Take in all new thoughts and ideas and take time to examine them for they will lead you into the Brotherhood of Man and will not fail you. Joy will be a byproduct of your processing and will allow your heart to lead, so make time for your New Self!

The Spirit is strong when you process your thoughts and deeds for your Soul’s growth rather than the body’s. If this were not True bodies would still be in wait for the Life Force of the Spirit to animate them and everything upon Earth would be likened to an asteroid traveling through space to mix the Energy of the Universal Energies but this is not so. Look upon February 26th to bring you a sign of validation for you and the way of your choosing for the Earth will be celebrating her Pathway in the New Millennium!

The Legion of Light has been earnestly laying down the groundwork for the New Millennium over the years but now the Universal Energies are truly in support of it! And on February 27, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring in the Joyful Destiny all have been seeking since the last Golden Age of Light! Let the Love in your heart lead you to finding your Soul’s Purpose in this Time of God for you are Loved and held near and dear to God!

The Great Bounty of the Spirit will be distributed to all who have requested it within a month’s time! On February 28, 2011 the Universal Energies will begin to release all and more of the bounty of the Spirit to allow you to Prosper and begin growth in your chosen task in the New Millennium. The True activation point will come when the Sun shall touch upon the beginning point of the New Millennium once more to manifest all you will have requested with the Love in your heart!

The Time of God will set the precedents for the New Millennium as the standards we will need to follow and obey! Open your heart to Truth and Love and your Pathway will be easy to follow for it will be easy to BE YOURSELF! In March 2011 the Great Transformation shall be underway and it will a time to discover yourself once more, not just for yourself but for your God Driven Purpose!