Friday, February 25, 2011

Path of the Leading Heart

Events in our lives establish milestones in our pathways to Create time references in our minds and the way this phenomenon occurs is through our emotional states. We link events with our awareness as an emotional experience within our minds. In the month of March 2011 we will all remember where we were as the experience of the opening of the Path of the Leading Heart will open for all of us.

The Path of the Leading Heart is aptly named for it will be the Pathway in which YOU WILL CHOOSE to let your Heart lead you into the New Millennium! If your intentions include the Path that will expand and promote your Soul’s work then all will be well. If however you choose the path of ego then you have forgotten the Truth of who you are, A CO-CREATOR with GOD! Let Love and Light lead your Pathway!

On March 1, 2011 the Universal Energies will commingle their Energies to begin to Create the infrastructure of the Path of the Leading Heart. You my fellow partners, Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light, will need to Create what you need and where you will be for your part in the Great Plan of our future. The way will be made clear so that all who may interfere will be removed and not allowed to hinder the Path of the Leading Heart!

Fellow brothers and sisters of the Light on March 2nd others await examples and role models to lead them into the Plan of God so look now for the Legion of Light to begin to show the way and let Man of Destiny drop his fear. The Path of the Leading Heart is here and there will be many who will need to turn and hear the words of God! Inspire them and demonstrate to them that all is possible now!

The first need will be the laying of the Foundation for the Joy in Living for the masses that have allowed themselves to be dictated, under the guise of concern for their wellbeing, by their leadership. There shall be an end to this on March 3rd as the Universal Energies will now be placing Responsibility upon each Soul to look for their own Spiritual Growth and involvement in the Brotherhood of Man. Let the message of these days be heeded for the end of Man’s leadership will begin with those of the Light to inspire and demonstrate true democracy.

The Choice will be yours Man of Destiny on March 4, 2011. Consider what you now have and what is truly in your heart for the Path of the Leading Heart will be open to you! Is it to go back to the days when control, greed, and fear ruled you or will you seek the Love in your heart to let yourself prosper and become a Being of Light once more? Ponder upon recent events and know that God is in charge over all these events of Freedom and will soon have His Own leading more events to make those who refuse to let His People go know their place in the New Millennium!

The Choice of entering the Path of the Leading Heart will open and allow all those who have chosen it to begin the Creation of their own Pathways on March 5, 2011. There will now be many who will have no place to turn except within themselves to seek the Joy of Living to understand what they have missed in their lives. Worry not for those who have not chosen to aspire with their hearts for they will have their place in Heaven and will learn that they are on a pathway with the Light that has no beginning or end until they will transform themselves into Beings of Light once more! Those who have chosen to begin their Path of the Leading Heart will enter the Brotherhood of Man to move as a unit of Light to transform our world into a place of Light and Love once more!

The Light of the World will now be in charge on March 6, 2011. There will be many decisions and choices to make in the next few days but for now let the Brotherhood of Man become a place of comfort and security. Love is the first principle in all that we will Create and in the New Millennium all will be in the same vibration to make it so! Let the way of your heart lead you into the Dimension of Love and the New Millennium!

The limits of the mind confuse the heart into believing that God does not care about us on Earth but this is not the Truth! On March 7, 2011 God’s Universal Energies will grant a gift for expanding your heart and mind with God. They will reveal to each a unique method to process the ideals of the New Millennium into their Path of the Leading Heart. Follow this pathway and you will quickly find Joy once more in your life, as stress and worry become an antiquated symptom of emotional self abuse.

What has been the long wait for these days? Opportunity upon Opportunity was given in the past to allow Man of Destiny to freely choose to create a New Millennium of his own however he let fear and greed overcome him and his suffering Soul. These days are past and on March 8, 2011 the Universal Energies will take it upon themselves to lead Man of Destiny and the Legion of Light in Creating what has been the goal for our solar system – Heaven upon Earth. It will not be an overnight project for there is still much emotional residue from the past and it will be a time of releasing!

In the next series of days, from March 9 until March 18, 2011 we will be asked to take many things into accountability and consideration as God’s Universal Energies will ask for our help in making the Earth as a Light in the Universe to shine as an example of how transformation and change can occur with people immersed in Light and Love and now will be the time to do so! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Time of God Part 3

The remaining days of February 2011 will bring forth the New Energy of the Universal Year begun on February 17, 2011. This will be the time to implement and initiate all of your new endeavors to promote your Soul’s Spiritual and material well being. Do not waste your time thinking about limitations for the Great Transformation has begun!

On February 20, 2011 the Universal Energies will open the pathway for Man of Destiny to not only enter but to BECOME a living member of the Great Brotherhood of Man. This will increase and enhance his Pathway in the New Millennium with Joy in his achievements and awareness of the Spiritual tools he will now attain. Enter this Pathway Man of Destiny and Light and Love will guide you with Truth into your Destiny!

You have witnessed recent great events in the world that are signs that the Great Transformation into the New Millennium is here! There will be more signs of Hope all around you on February 21st as thoughts and feelings that promote your sense of Joy will prevail if you allow them to enter into your realm of consciousness. Fear and worry will be absent in the New Millennium so remain in your space of calm where everything you will think about will be possible!

The Universal Energies will be opening Man of Destiny’s opportunity to Create the Pathway of his Spiritual Purpose on February 22, 2010! The Path will be available because the Legion of Light has been working diligently to succeed in the material realm in doing God’s Work upon Earth. There will be more arduous tasks to come for both the Legion of Light and Man of Destiny but for the time being the initiation of the New Horizon will be on hand.

What may be appearing as miracles and wonders in these days are not, for people upon Earth are beginning to realize the Power of God within themselves! On February 23rd the Universal Energies will be guiding everyone into gaining awareness of their own Power of God within as the Brotherhood of Man will contain and sustain all who will enter and become a Force of God to dismantle the beasts of greed and fear as vices will have no place in the New Millennium!

We all contain varying levels of belief in the New Millennium but on February 24th the days of credibility will be here to stay as the key ingredient to Create whatever you will need for your life’s Path will be Love! This is the Love that comes from your heart and Soul through God’s Love to produce the Joy you have been craving. Some have achieved it in the past and inspired others to lead them beyond injustices. Today and all the days that shall follow will provide the potential to Activate your God Love for finding the key to your Destiny!

Take all malignant thoughts of the past and bury them on February 25th, as the way will be open to Process the New Horizon! Take in all new thoughts and ideas and take time to examine them for they will lead you into the Brotherhood of Man and will not fail you. Joy will be a byproduct of your processing and will allow your heart to lead, so make time for your New Self!

The Spirit is strong when you process your thoughts and deeds for your Soul’s growth rather than the body’s. If this were not True bodies would still be in wait for the Life Force of the Spirit to animate them and everything upon Earth would be likened to an asteroid traveling through space to mix the Energy of the Universal Energies but this is not so. Look upon February 26th to bring you a sign of validation for you and the way of your choosing for the Earth will be celebrating her Pathway in the New Millennium!

The Legion of Light has been earnestly laying down the groundwork for the New Millennium over the years but now the Universal Energies are truly in support of it! And on February 27, 2011 the Universal Energies will bring in the Joyful Destiny all have been seeking since the last Golden Age of Light! Let the Love in your heart lead you to finding your Soul’s Purpose in this Time of God for you are Loved and held near and dear to God!

The Great Bounty of the Spirit will be distributed to all who have requested it within a month’s time! On February 28, 2011 the Universal Energies will begin to release all and more of the bounty of the Spirit to allow you to Prosper and begin growth in your chosen task in the New Millennium. The True activation point will come when the Sun shall touch upon the beginning point of the New Millennium once more to manifest all you will have requested with the Love in your heart!

The Time of God will set the precedents for the New Millennium as the standards we will need to follow and obey! Open your heart to Truth and Love and your Pathway will be easy to follow for it will be easy to BE YOURSELF! In March 2011 the Great Transformation shall be underway and it will a time to discover yourself once more, not just for yourself but for your God Driven Purpose! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Time of God Part 2

The middle portion of February 2011 will bring closure in the current Universal Year to begin the New Universal Year on February 17, 2011. Will you be ready for the Great Transformation already underway? The time will be right for implementing and undertaking new projects of Love in your heart’s path for the New Millennium soon but for now we will need to complete our projects of the previous year.

Open your heart and mind to the Universal Energies on February 10, 2011 and acknowledge concern for your fellow Man. Look upon world events to monitor your interest as vicariously you will feel and know what may come to the lands you live if Change does not take place consciously. Let your leaders know and feel your pain and struggle, as the New Leadership of Light will be making strides to propel themselves to the forefront to lead us into the New Horizon.

Seek your place in the New Horizon with the Brotherhood of Man and learn to become what your heart will place before you on February 11, 2011. The Love you shall place from your heart and into all of your endeavors for the coming Universal New Year will be what only dreams could have brought forth. Dare to dream and let that dream lead your heart into the Time of God! If worry and struggle come to you, fear not for the Great Transformation will bring you back into the place of your heart to heal!

The Beginning will be near but on February 12th make strides to bring your beginning for the Time of God into your Pathway. All efforts will fail unless the key to your endeavors includes all of the Love in your heart. Man of Destiny let the beginning of your commitment to life in the New Millennium include your greatest hopes, dreams, and aspirations for if it is in your Soul’s best interest it shall be so!

Continue to focus upon your greatest hopes, dreams, and aspirations on February 13, 2011, as the Universal Energies will grant form to your Soul’s task and its needs for self-growth. Let the greatest inspiration of who you can become lead your heart into growth with wisdom and sagacity for the generations to come! The days of pain and struggle will be over when you let go of fear to become the greatest person you can become!

If there shall be a time to give closure to the past it shall be on February 14th as these days before the Universal New Year will come to be soothing for all except those who will hang on to the old reality. Look now for signs of the New Horizon appearing in your life as the days for those who will lead us into the Great Transformation will make it ready for those who will follow the way of Light and Love!

The days to garner and harness the Power that you are will be available on February 15, 2011 by the Universal Energies. The Power you are will lead you with Love and Understanding for that is who you truly are, Love and Understanding that is God within you! Take charge Man of Destiny and follow your heart with all its Love and inspiration to lead you into the New Millennium!

The great day of Rest will be here on February 16, 2011. It shall be a day to look back and reflect upon all that you have been through in the Year of Change for now the real work of our tasks and endeavors of God will be upon us! See this day as a gift for well done efforts of the Soul and as a day of good cheer for your fellow man. The Days of the Brotherhood of Man will be here and the more we will look after everyone the better we will all be!

The Doorway of the Great Transformation will be here at last on February 17, 2011 as the Universal Energies will decree to you to Create your Path of Love and Joy! By now you will know that the world is in a state of flux not because of the need for punishment but because the Great Father of All will be delivering upon His Promise of Peace and Prosperity for one and all! Let this day be the New Beginning for all that you will do not for the sake of the body but for your Soul’s work!

The foundation for Creating your Path of Love and Joy will require Love from all of your heart and Soul on February 18, 2011. Though you may think that this would be an impossible task because of bodily needs, ask yourself which came first the body or the Soul? The Soul is your connection through the Spiritual Realm that unites us all into a living and breathing vibrating world. You Create through your Soul from the Creative Forces of the Universal Energies that form the entire world around you!

The first days of the New Universal Year will bring forth your Soul’s Pathway. If you should desire to let others demonstrate the effect of the New Horizon stay tuned and watch on February 19th the world around you through your media sources. News will immediately travel far and wide about Change through the Powers of the Great Transformation. Wake up and do not let yourself fall behind for a Great New World awaits everyone upon Earth!

The Great Transformation on Earth is underway and will come with the expectation that all you will think and do will be from the essence of your heart and Soul. Love and Light will be the key to every endeavor we will begin and implement in our lives. Now will be the time to LIVE in the Reality of all your hopes, dreams, and aspirations, so go with all your gusto!