Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Law of Love Part 2

The midmonth of December 2010 will begin the Anointing and Ordaining of the Pathways of Joy in Living for the Legion of Light and Man of Destiny on December 12, 2010 and will complete on December 30, 2010. Its manifestation will designate this as the Time of God and will depend largely upon the Spiritual Prosperity one will seek for his or her life. Should this be sufficient while some will be seeking food for their tables and understand this to be a sign of lack? Or should this be taken as a sign that the World to Come is here and will require us to expand our focus?

Some may dispute the signs of our times and for this reason Alexandrian Kosmos has added the “Phoenix Chronicles ” chapter from Mary Summer Rain’s Phoenix Rising with No-Eyes’ Vision of Changes to Come page to the blogsite. Compare it with what is happening today and what No-Eyes had predicted in the late 1980’s. The call for Spiritual Man is here and will not let anyone escape the fact that the New Millennium is here!

The Universal Energies of December 12, 2010 will begin the Anointing and Ordaining of our Pathways of Joy in Living and the only way of avoidance will be to simply ignore it. This would be against the Flow of the Universal Forces. To simply ignore the call to enter the New Millennium will be difficult to achieve, as working together will be the core NEED in the Way of Brotherhood!

If only time would stand still long enough to allow all to consciously ponder upon the great opportunity at hand on December 13th! They would take notice that God and the Law of Love go hand in hand to enjoin the Way of the Spirit to Create our pathways in the New Millennium. Let the Way of Lovingness bring you to process thoughts of Love to uplift one another into the Brotherhood of Man.

An intensity of the Universal Energies will begin with the call to comply with the Law of Love on December 14, 2010 where the dictum “Love one another as you would Love yourself” will be the standard to live. The Universal Energies will not let anyone bypass this dictum for if there will ever be anything more important than Love you will not find it anyplace in the Universe. Do not hesitate to Share your time with another to demonstrate an act of Lovingness.

Become inclusive with your circle of Love for the Universal Energies will begin to release the long promised Spiritual Prosperity on December 15th! And as long as you will remain focused upon your Spiritual Growth you will begin a journey to future success in all you will think and do. This will come as a gift to all who will seek with Love in their hearts and Truth as their guide into the New Millennium. Practice and Practice with all your heart and Soul with Love and you find your share of Joyful Living!

The New Beginning will still be available on December 16, 2010, as the Universal Energies will continue their intensity of bringing one and all into the New Millennium. Many of the Legion of Light will be moving forward into their chosen Tasks of Light while Man of Destiny will enter into his own beginning that will lead him forward into the New Millennium. Some will not be ready for the Change to come but Higher Consciousness will lead still lead them forward.

The Universal Energies of December 17, 2010 will bring the Energy of Truth and Love to the forefront so that all will understand and know that God will be with all of the willing participants of the New Millennium. It will be a choice of which one may decline but the sphere of influence upon those whose movement requires Truth and Love will not be interfered with and will force those of negated wills to withdraw their lives from the Dimension of Love. Move forward with the Universal Energies that will Change our world long before December 2012!

The Time of God will be here during these days of Ultimate Change and on December 18th the Universal Energies will provide the Foundation for Man of Destiny’s Transformation in the New Millennium and as long as he will willingly follow the Law of Love he will prosper immensely! Allow your Spiritual Prosperity to enter your life to join the Brotherhood of Man and commune with the Universe!

Awaken your Soul’s task with the emerging Light on December 19, 2010 when your Truth will be known and implemented into Service with God! Take time to allow yourself to fulfill your time with Joy and Lovingness in order to immerse yourself with the Energy that will merge your Soul with your Soul’s task. You should not feel lonely any longer for that would be a step back into the Illusion of fear. Learn with all your heart the experience of the New Horizon for yourself and do not be surprised what YOU can now do!

If you feel doubtful at anytime in these days stop and take time to relax and center yourself. There will be much to do and learn in these days as the Universal Energies will prevail and lead you where you will need to be. December 20th will offer Man of Destiny’s Pathway with the Legion of Light if he will commit himself to simply seek Love and Joy in his Destiny! Look about you and you will begin to notice an open atmosphere of Trust beginning to form. This will be a sign that the Brotherhood of Man is becoming a Way of Life!

On December 21, 2010 the Universal Energies shall produce a Full Moon that will generate the cause of all Pathways to merge into Oneness for the intent of all who will enter the transition to Transform into the Light Beings. The Power to Create whatever you need in fulfilling your Pathway’s growth for Spiritual Prosperity will avail itself to you now! Learn to use this gift to fulfill your Destiny in this Time of God!

The period of time between December 12 to 21, 2010 will bring us the long awaited Change we have been preparing for. The key will be to focus on the Law of Love, which will keep everyone’s intent of Spiritual Prosperity in their hearts, and Souls. In this way we will unite into the Brotherhood of Man to unify us all into a Living unit of Love. The remaining days of December 2010 will see the Sun move into the sign of Capricorn and will continue to produce the Energy of Transformation for our Joy in Living!