Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Spiritual Transformation Part 2

The transformative Powers of the Spirit will continue to run high through the middle segment of October 2010 and will bring many to a standstill in their attempts to run the course of their lives with a “business as usual” attitude. Stop and take the time and effort to deeply examine your life’s situation. The Spiritual Transformation of the New Millennium is here at last!

On October 12, 2010 the Universal Energies will sequence their dance in Creating the Pathway of Spiritual Transformation with a call for all to enter. Do not let this opportunity pass you by, as the entry way is open and will only be available for a short time. Come and play with the star that you are in the Eyes of God!

The Universal Energies will be gaining momentum towards providing the material of future wealth for All Humanity on October 13, 2010. No longer will you need to be security conscious in the material world’s chase of the Illusion as the main goal. Instead the main goal will be to become conscious of your Connection and Partnership with God. There you will find all you will ever need and more to develop your Spiritual Prosperity!

Two of the most influential days in the lives of All Humanity will occur on October 14 and 15, 2010. Here you will find that the promised Pathway for everyone is at the forefront of All Humanity to endeavor and become. October 14th will provide the initial thrust of the Energy’s movement by producing the Partnership with God to enter the lives of all. The God Partnership will provide the beginning of Destiny in the Pathway of Oneness.

October 15th will then follow up October 14th’s thrust and bring All Humanity to move with all the Love he can muster to move forward and progress himself to begin his Destiny. For without Love all in life will be for naught like a ship without a rudder to guide it. Take charge All Humanity and move forward as the Spiritual Being you are to make the progress you will need to become the Truth of who you are!

Welcome to your New Horizon, Man of Destiny, as you learn to truly prosper for yourself within the Brotherhood of Man on October 16, 2010. The Legion of Light has been in wait for these days of Spiritual Prosperity since they were long predicted. There is still much to do and much to learn about the New Horizon so take the time you will need to process these new thoughts and do not worry, fear, or stress on the past!

Keep your thoughts and prayers geared towards the highest aspirations you desire on October 17, 2010 for these thoughts are your channel of Creating all you will need. Focus your thoughts upon Love and Joy and retain them within to behold your product of Love! Do this ritual daily even if only for five minutes. The Pathway into the New Millennium is here and there is no treading back to the land of sorrow and pain!

Do all that you will to immerse yourself in the Love available on October 18th and allow yourself to freely think of what you will do for Love of yourself! This is the call for action to bring forth the growth in your Soul’s Purpose with all that you were meant to do upon Earth. Look to where you are and practice visualization and rest assured that you will become one of self-reliance!

October 19th will mark the halfway point of the Universal Energies’ Purpose for the month of October 2010. The Universal Energies shall bring the Legion of Light into action for the Spiritual Transformation taking place and usher in the Brotherhood of Man into place. This shall be All Humanity’s foundation of strength and place of security for all future endeavors of the Spirit. Look now to see and hear words of Hope come to one and all for the New Millennium is here!

Be open and aware on October 20, 2010 and feel the Love all around you, as you will be in God Presence! All you will need to know this day is that you will be able to differentiate between who is there for God and who is there for himself. God Presence in the form of others will bring their heart’s share of willingness to Cooperate while those out for themselves will continue to only lookout for themselves and theirs.

On October 21, 2010 the Universal Energies shall begin to unite all the elements of Truth and Love, Brotherhood, and Destiny into a Pathway for the New Millennium. Seek your Higher Guidance to assist you in forming your highest ideal of yourself and the way to be shown to you. Higher guidance will demonstrate to you your chosen way be it through a dream, a vision, a feeling, or “inner knowing.” Take time in quietness to better understand and learn!

The Project of Light is almost complete but for now it will be the time for Man of Destiny to step forward to initiate his own Pathway of Light on October 22 and 23, 2010. Let these days become ones of glory for you and your loved ones, as the final decisions to progress into the New Millennium come into place and build the foundation of the thousand years of Peace and Joy among All Humanity!

The Sun will be exiting the sign of Libra on October 23, 2010 and will enter into the sign of the Scorpion. Let this be the date that you move into the Realm of Love and Truth to gain your share of Spiritual Prosperity. Continue this Pathway and the promise of remaining connected to your God Source will be yours to enjoy. Be one of focus and wisdom and move into the Brotherhood of Man to become a Creator with God once more!

The remaining time of October 2010 will show the month to continue emphasizing a Spiritual Transformation for All Humanity. These days will demonstrate a critical turning point in Man’s Progress towards Light once more and bring about the Changes we all need to make to become divine again. In the Spiritual sense we are divine but would you recognize it in its physical manifestation? This is where we will be long before December 2012!