Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Destiny Begins! Part 2

The month of September 2010 will continue to direct the Flow of the Universal Energies into implementing our chosen Destiny and will continue to do so through mid-November 2010 when the Energy of Change will leave NO DOUBT that the New Millennium is here! Learn now to understand the process of Change so that you may contribute your portion of Love and Truth into the New Millennium as these Changes will be here to stay! Fear not from the Realm of the Spirit and trust that the veil of illusion will be removed to reveal your chosen Destiny!

The Universal Energies of September 12, 2010 will continue with the planet Mercury in apparent retrograde motion. There will still be time today to reinforce your thought processes to better plan for your Destiny in the New Millennium. September 12th will also mark the last day the Realm of Negativity will have to affect the formation of the Brotherhood of Man. See this day to let you gain an internalized sense of the New Reality being produced by the Legion of Light’s Path of Light. Do not be influenced by the external Chaos and Confusion as these are signs that the Spiritual Change comes soon!

September 13, 2010 will grant the process of gaining a new sense of security, one built upon enhancing our intuition. This will allow those who have moved past the stage of “by sight only” to process a thought immediately and “know” its validity. Experience will be needed but will develop the thought-conclusion process to become a new sensory tool in the human experience.  Stay balanced and remain free of emotional confusion and you will witness this new experience!

September 14th will beckon the call for Brotherhood once more to promote the prominent role of Man of Destiny. Many will hear the call but will not trust enough to know the difference between their heart and mind. The Realm of the Spirit can only be processed in your heart and there you will find the place that will Create the Joy of Living. While your mind functions to place its emphasis on survival your heart will bring YOU life! Follow the road to Life and move yourself beyond the path of survival!

On September 15, 2010 the Universal Energies will encourage All Man to enter into the Realm of the New Millennium. He shall now be able to inwardly listen to discern the Truth from Falsehood and move himself more readily into the New Millennium. Do not look at what you lack for there you will recreate more lack. Instead look to the world AS IF you can hear and smell and touch the Joy of Living all around you! In this manner YOU will begin to Create your path in the place of your Love.

All Man listen to your heart within and know that halfway measures will only take you halfway to where you must be. Progress and Prosperity await you on September 16th if only you turn your heart of stone to Love and there you will find the treasure trove of your happiness! The New Millennium will not wait much longer for you for soon you shall hear a message from Above! God waits for you to open your heart enough to listen within and hear your Truth.

If All Man truly seeks to Change the way of his world he cannot be complacent as his best and keep looking for a return to the days of yesterday when all felt predictable and secure. Look now for the Universal Energies of September 17, 2010 to place him on the verge of a Change he can gain from, though the Change to come will not be his longing for messages from his leaders to return him back to yesterday. It is gone All Man and you may fail to distinguish for yourself that the Realm of Negativity seeks to hold you as their puppet by taking the economy hostage so they can gain in return. Love and Truth will prevail in these days for your Destiny is here!

September 18th will bring Man of Destiny’s projects of Love to the forefront so that he may enlist them into service with the Legion of Light who continues to open the Pathway of Light for all to enter. All Man do listen to these words of Hope and Prosperity, YOU do not have the luxury of time to retreat from the Pathway of Light! Step into the New Millennium and witness the Love and Truth of who you really are! Looking back at these days with regret for what you had will only continue your victim’s mindset so step forward and look to your heart and Progress yourself to where you truly belong — in the New Millennium!

The rapid movement to bring in the New Energy of Change will be completed on September 19, 2010, as now the call to All Man will come with deadening urgency. You shall be on your own, All Man, to accept or reject your call towards the New Millennium. Now is the time for you to follow your path of Flow to where it may lead you. Be warned though, All Man, should you reject your call the Realm of Negativity will track you down like a beast seeking its worship for the power they command, and it is so! Do not be fooled All Man for you will be deceived once more!

The New Earth of the New Millennium will begin to emanate its Light for All Humanity to see and be in awe on September 20, 2010 as all who have accepted the gift of September 13, 2010 will know and see the Truth of this New World! The Brotherhood of Man is more than an idea of Utopia as now it will be the Truth for all who shall know and see! Sharing and Cooperating will go hand in hand and will begin the Spiritual Prosperity promised to all!

On September 21, 2010 the Universal Energies will align to grant access to those whose paths have been merged into the Legion of Light’s Pathway of Light to bear witness of the ease in which their lives shall begin to prosper. Pray for the Legion of Light’s continuous efforts to engage All Man into God’s Plan of Spiritual Prosperity for ALL! Let those within the grasp of Chaos and Confusion awaken to the opportunities at hand for not only themselves but their descendants who will not have to witness the struggles of All Man firsthand!

A New Day shall come to the forefront on September 22, 2010 like the calm before the storm! Enjoy the peace and relaxation of this day for there is much to learn and process for there is One Who Comes the Speak to all who are ready to listen. Angels of God, Legion of Light, you will know His Presence more readily than Man but assist All Man to be aware Whose Presence he will have with him to guide him with Love and Truth about his way on the New Earth. Let him also know that he will be secure and comforted from the Chaos and Confusion for a day so that he may learn to trust his inner guidance into the New Millennium!

We have entered into the manifestation stage of the New Millennium and will now have to learn to trust that what we receive from the Spiritual Realm will come with Truth and Love. Toss out your victim mindset All Man and take the risk of Creating from your heart instead of your mind for the days of waiting for the World to Come are over!