Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Spiritual Transformation

Since March 21, 2010 many of the critical elements of the New Millennium have manifested to make way for the Spiritual Transformation that we are about to begin in the month of October 2010. All Humanity will bear witness to this event that will require a continuing shift in our thought processes to make it a Reality for each and everyone of us. Look about you and what do you see and hear? Is it Chaos and Confusion? Or have you developed your Spiritual Prowess to be in the Joy of Living and to move into your Destiny?

All is ready and in place as “the Kingdom of God is within you!” Look not for these elements to appear before you with the charlatan powers of someone else but by your own skills of Creation! See the beginning of your Spiritual Prowess to begin by October 4, 2010 and will remain in place everyday thereafter!  Welcome to the New Millennium and the New Horizon!

October 1, 2010 will begin where September 2010 left off with an Opportunity of Choice for All Humanity to choose the Way of Brotherhood to allow it to manifest the life of Sharing and Cooperation. Do not let those with energy of negative residue deter you from your Destiny and Joy of Living for they will diligently work to keep you in “your place” of past misery. The Legion of Light will continue to place into motion the “safety net” for peace and prosperity over the world of Man.

While those who seek Change in their lives ponder to know what direction they may take to prosper few will turn inward to understand that the keys to the “Kingdom of God is within” them for they forget that ALL IS SPIRITUAL and all they need to do is focus on their heart’s desire on October 2, 2010. The Joy of Living will be at their beck and call only for the asking as will entry into the peace and prosperity of the New Millennium. Destiny is in your heart and all you will need to do is follow it!

On October 3rd if you shall follow your heart you will be on the pathway to Love and Prosperity! Let go of your past and the security that binds you to the present for your most valued asset will be the New Millennium thoughts that shall keep you connected with God Who will see to it that your Path of Joy will prosper! Look within and find your Truth. There you will find that where your thoughts go so will your Spirit. If you stress, worry, or fear, so will the prosperity you seek!

The New Millennium will manifest itself on October 4, 2010. This day shall become a milestone for all the future to recall the struggles of Man during this era where he was better valued as a commodity rather than an individual soul! Look now for many signs of the New Millennium’s Truth to make their appearances and seen as “miracles.” All Humanity will be in place for their chosen Destiny on this date and will begin partaking in their chosen prosperity. What did you Create today?

The Universal Energies of October 5th will begin to transfer all their available sources into the manifestation of the New Millennium! The Brotherhood of Man will be in full effect as the rules of Sharing and Cooperation will permeate into every thought and action by every human being. Whether it is followed or not will depend upon each and everyone’s motivation to make rapid progress with the new expectations of the New Millennium.

October 6, 2010 will be the date in which to implement your plan to establish the foundation of your Destiny. Have you thought about a small business to turn that hobby into a labor of love? What is it that moved you into current career? Was it the money? Family expectations? Go to the place that gives you the most tranquility and follow that dream. What would you do for the Love of yourself?

The momentum will get stronger and stronger to involve you into what you Love on October 7th. Now will be the time for your mind to relax and benefit your heart with relief from stress. Let this day allow you to usher in your Destiny’s foundation as the Universal Energies will begin to call intensively to All Humanity to serve for your greatest cause – your soul’s contentment! The world economy is down for this reason and the few who prosper materially will not be allowed to interfere with the unshackling of the soul!

If there is a day in which Change shall allow you to initiate anything and bring it to a successful conclusion it will be October 8, 2010. The Universal Energies will be spinning a web of Destiny for your success if only you will include your heart’s desire for the Joy in Living! Let this day work for you, as you will become the Creator of what you were meant to do in this lifetime!

The many who will not follow the Universal Energies in these days will look back one day soon with regret and sorrow for in their hearts All Humanity will know that the opportunity to begin the Path of Destiny is at hand! God will continue calling All Humanity by name to awaken their hearts on October 9th to the wonderful opportunities at hand. Listen to the plan of the Legion of Light for details on how the benefit of Destiny will come for one and all on this day! Awaken yourself and place yourself in God’s Path of Joy and Light!

An intensification of the Universal Energies will come to the forefront from October 10 to 29, 2010 with one message and one goal – FIND YOUR DESTINY! Make time for yourself to learn where you may be in your Destiny process on this 10:10:10 day! October 10th will initiate the process of progress by introducing the knowledge you will need for placing your plan into motion and nurturing it. Those who are already on track to progress themselves will have an easy time of moving forward while those who lag will only initiate a process of learning that will keep them stopping and starting into stagnation until they will finally decide where they will need to alter their thought processes to enter the New Millennium.

On October 11, 2010 the Universal Energies will provide the momentum to seek and grow into your Destiny. All you will have to do is take time out for yourself to immerse yourself into the vastness and richness of your Creative Imagination to view the beauty and lovingness of your New Horizon! By springtime you will not only be living in the purpose driven world of the New Millennium but you will also be Joyful and looking forward!

In the first eleven days of October 2010 the Universal Energies will initiate the emergence of Destiny for All Humanity and will continue to do so until everyone is merged into the process of entering the New Millennium. It will not be easy for some who will have to relearn their way from darkness but on the other hand there will be those who have been in waiting for lifetimes for these days to emerge and bring Man back to living in the Light!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Destiny Begins! Part 3

On September 23, 2010 Destiny will begin for everyone! Hear within to know of what you may fulfill! Pay attention to your dreams this day and recall with your greatest abilities to learn how you will fulfill your Destiny! It will be an experience to let you know that God loves you and cares about you! Let this day be the beginning of your Life in Joy!

Some will choose not to open their hearts on September 23, 2010 with their preoccupation of worry, stress, and fear, as they will have no idea that the rules upon Earth have changed from material goals to sharing and cooperation goals. Let those of you who are in the know share with one another about the Truth of this day! Many Changes are still to come and we are already on the journey towards a New Horizon in which all your hopes, wishes, and aspirations will all come True!

September 24, 2010 will offer All Humanity a plan to access the Unlimited Realm of Ideals and to promote self-growth in their lives. Self-growth will encompass understanding the Spiritual revitalization at the center of the core of the New Millennium while access to the Unlimited will have you becoming an active participant in the New Millennium’s Brotherhood of Man, as one who will know and understand that Love and Truth are the God Principles of becoming Man of Destiny!

The Universal Energies will begin to compress and concentrate on September 25, 2010 into a narrowing of choices for All Humanity. No longer will you be able to ignore or postpone your decision to make the necessary Spiritual Change you are required to enter the New Millennium! For now the New Millennium’s agenda will begin the process of allowing only thoughts of Joy in Living to prosper. In this manner the thoughts of Joy in Living will increase the prosperity of your pathway while fear, guilt, and negativity will give you naught!

The Universal Energies of September 26th will be bountiful in the expression of Love as it will assist in transforming your emerging Destiny to fruition and will also be utilized in assisting the healing process of those who are currently being burdened with issues limiting their participation in the sequence of New Millennium events. While there will remain those who will not have a clue that the New Millennium is upon us they will still be accountable for their own Spiritual transformation.

September 27th will be a day in which many will aspire to move themselves forward only to find that the struggles they face are self imposed limitations for material gain. Internalize and account for the power within you to Create all you will need and more! Do not be limited by the choices available through the commercial world. All Man you have more to offer than to trade your time and labor for meager subsistence! Create what your heart desires and become Free at last!

September 28, 2010 will bring to the forefront a new pattern of emulation, one that will remove All Man’s need to enlarge his self worth and ego and allow him to see for himself what is his New Horizon. This new pattern of emulation will be choice driven, to accept or reject, but see its implementation to affect ALL. Watch now as leaders who will choose to reject the New Reality of the New Millennium let the falsehood of their way bring them to fall like leaves in the wind!

The month of September 2010 will end with two Opportunities of choosing for the final days of September 29th and 30th. The Opportunity of September 29th will be for All Man to allow his chosen Destiny to begin. He should be aware that his choice will bring with it his Joy of Living for the New Millennium as the Legion of Light will stand ready to assume their roles through leadership and implementing breakthrough models of thought that will provide a magnitude of accomplishments for the New Millennium! Stand ready for the New Reality to begin!

On the final day of September the Universal Energies will offer an Opportunity for All Humanity to choose. Man of Destiny and All Man will choose to gain self-empowerment in all that they will be called upon to do in the New Millennium while the Legion of Light will receive a similar choice of self-empowerment based upon their call to duty for God and Man of Destiny. Use the choices of these days wisely and work to fine tune the gifts of your calling!

The completion of September 2010 will have signaled that all is in place and ready for progress based upon our need to bring our Destiny to the forefront. Now October 2010 will ask us to make Changes to increase our Spiritual aptitude and to expand our base of comprehension in all that may come to engage us into our path of Flowing. Let all Change be to your benefit in the learning and processing of the New Horizon! 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Destiny Begins! Part 2

The month of September 2010 will continue to direct the Flow of the Universal Energies into implementing our chosen Destiny and will continue to do so through mid-November 2010 when the Energy of Change will leave NO DOUBT that the New Millennium is here! Learn now to understand the process of Change so that you may contribute your portion of Love and Truth into the New Millennium as these Changes will be here to stay! Fear not from the Realm of the Spirit and trust that the veil of illusion will be removed to reveal your chosen Destiny!

The Universal Energies of September 12, 2010 will continue with the planet Mercury in apparent retrograde motion. There will still be time today to reinforce your thought processes to better plan for your Destiny in the New Millennium. September 12th will also mark the last day the Realm of Negativity will have to affect the formation of the Brotherhood of Man. See this day to let you gain an internalized sense of the New Reality being produced by the Legion of Light’s Path of Light. Do not be influenced by the external Chaos and Confusion as these are signs that the Spiritual Change comes soon!

September 13, 2010 will grant the process of gaining a new sense of security, one built upon enhancing our intuition. This will allow those who have moved past the stage of “by sight only” to process a thought immediately and “know” its validity. Experience will be needed but will develop the thought-conclusion process to become a new sensory tool in the human experience.  Stay balanced and remain free of emotional confusion and you will witness this new experience!

September 14th will beckon the call for Brotherhood once more to promote the prominent role of Man of Destiny. Many will hear the call but will not trust enough to know the difference between their heart and mind. The Realm of the Spirit can only be processed in your heart and there you will find the place that will Create the Joy of Living. While your mind functions to place its emphasis on survival your heart will bring YOU life! Follow the road to Life and move yourself beyond the path of survival!

On September 15, 2010 the Universal Energies will encourage All Man to enter into the Realm of the New Millennium. He shall now be able to inwardly listen to discern the Truth from Falsehood and move himself more readily into the New Millennium. Do not look at what you lack for there you will recreate more lack. Instead look to the world AS IF you can hear and smell and touch the Joy of Living all around you! In this manner YOU will begin to Create your path in the place of your Love.

All Man listen to your heart within and know that halfway measures will only take you halfway to where you must be. Progress and Prosperity await you on September 16th if only you turn your heart of stone to Love and there you will find the treasure trove of your happiness! The New Millennium will not wait much longer for you for soon you shall hear a message from Above! God waits for you to open your heart enough to listen within and hear your Truth.

If All Man truly seeks to Change the way of his world he cannot be complacent as his best and keep looking for a return to the days of yesterday when all felt predictable and secure. Look now for the Universal Energies of September 17, 2010 to place him on the verge of a Change he can gain from, though the Change to come will not be his longing for messages from his leaders to return him back to yesterday. It is gone All Man and you may fail to distinguish for yourself that the Realm of Negativity seeks to hold you as their puppet by taking the economy hostage so they can gain in return. Love and Truth will prevail in these days for your Destiny is here!

September 18th will bring Man of Destiny’s projects of Love to the forefront so that he may enlist them into service with the Legion of Light who continues to open the Pathway of Light for all to enter. All Man do listen to these words of Hope and Prosperity, YOU do not have the luxury of time to retreat from the Pathway of Light! Step into the New Millennium and witness the Love and Truth of who you really are! Looking back at these days with regret for what you had will only continue your victim’s mindset so step forward and look to your heart and Progress yourself to where you truly belong — in the New Millennium!

The rapid movement to bring in the New Energy of Change will be completed on September 19, 2010, as now the call to All Man will come with deadening urgency. You shall be on your own, All Man, to accept or reject your call towards the New Millennium. Now is the time for you to follow your path of Flow to where it may lead you. Be warned though, All Man, should you reject your call the Realm of Negativity will track you down like a beast seeking its worship for the power they command, and it is so! Do not be fooled All Man for you will be deceived once more!

The New Earth of the New Millennium will begin to emanate its Light for All Humanity to see and be in awe on September 20, 2010 as all who have accepted the gift of September 13, 2010 will know and see the Truth of this New World! The Brotherhood of Man is more than an idea of Utopia as now it will be the Truth for all who shall know and see! Sharing and Cooperating will go hand in hand and will begin the Spiritual Prosperity promised to all!

On September 21, 2010 the Universal Energies will align to grant access to those whose paths have been merged into the Legion of Light’s Pathway of Light to bear witness of the ease in which their lives shall begin to prosper. Pray for the Legion of Light’s continuous efforts to engage All Man into God’s Plan of Spiritual Prosperity for ALL! Let those within the grasp of Chaos and Confusion awaken to the opportunities at hand for not only themselves but their descendants who will not have to witness the struggles of All Man firsthand!

A New Day shall come to the forefront on September 22, 2010 like the calm before the storm! Enjoy the peace and relaxation of this day for there is much to learn and process for there is One Who Comes the Speak to all who are ready to listen. Angels of God, Legion of Light, you will know His Presence more readily than Man but assist All Man to be aware Whose Presence he will have with him to guide him with Love and Truth about his way on the New Earth. Let him also know that he will be secure and comforted from the Chaos and Confusion for a day so that he may learn to trust his inner guidance into the New Millennium!

We have entered into the manifestation stage of the New Millennium and will now have to learn to trust that what we receive from the Spiritual Realm will come with Truth and Love. Toss out your victim mindset All Man and take the risk of Creating from your heart instead of your mind for the days of waiting for the World to Come are over!