Sunday, August 29, 2010

Destiny Begins!

The month of September 2010 will begin the process of implementing our chosen Destiny in the New Millennium. There will no longer be the time to sidestep or neglect the Spiritual Reality that will come at our disposal to Change the World, as this will be the time to make the Changes that have been in process for years. Let yourself become immersed in the process of Change and use it to Change the World as we know it today!

September 2010 begins with the planet of thought, Mercury, continuing in retrograde motion until mid-September. Use this time to become aware of your thought processes and be mindful of the Change occurring in our world. The Change that comes will establish the Foundation of our Destiny so that before we enter the month of October 2010 we will ALL BEGIN to understand one another and see our similarities rather than differences!

On September 1, 2010 the Universal Energies will provide a guiding Beacon from the Legion Light to lead in unison with Man of Destiny to offer understanding in our hearts and minds with Love and Brotherhood. The more we readily accept the concept of the Brotherhood of Man the more rapidly we will transition with the Spirit of Cooperation. Be aware however that the Realm of Negativity will try to instill their fears upon all who will listen to them, as they are not aware that their end is very near!

The Universal Energies will continue to provide a guiding Beacon from the Legion of Light on September 2nd and will also bring forth our Foundation of Destiny. The Foundation of Destiny will become the place from which we will draw our strength and fortitude to become and maintain the new standards of Living in Joy. Some will move forward rapidly while others will only begin to understand that not all is at it seems to be! The beginning of understanding will be a sign to all that the New Millennium is progressing forward!

The first of three Opportunities for each Soul to choose the way the New Millennium will begin in September 2010 will be offered on September 3, 2010 and will provide each Soul his Destiny and Foundation intact for its forthcoming Manifestation.  This day will also be the last in which the Realm of Negativity will be blocking the pathway towards the New Millennium’s Fullness! See them to assert and remind everyone that no State of Cooperation exists in commerce so why should they change?

September 4th will set into motion the Way of Progress to Create Man’s Pathway with God and the Legion of Light. This shall signal the Beginning of Man’s ability to become immersed into the thought processes of the New Millennium so that he can not only understand what is occurring but also act upon his thought processes with clarity. This day shall also diminish the actions of the Realm of Negativity’s ability to expand any further than the residue of negativity they will carry with them. No longer will they be able to spread their cancerous thoughts and beliefs to those who have been immersed into the New Millennium!

September 5, 2010 will bring into place a strengthening for the Choice made on the Opportunity Day of September 3rd and shall open the Way of Sharing and Cooperation. Open yourself to your Fellow Man who will also be open to sharing and cooperating with you. The world economy will stagger until the intent of sharing and cooperating becomes the basis of commerce. The Realm of Negativity will be displeased for they have hindered in every way possible to capitalize on their control and now shall have to learn that they will not control Humanity! Judgment comes soon for all who have not progressed with the Spirit of Cooperation!

The Joy of Living is the Promise to Man of Destiny on September 6th as he will be the one who has manifested his Pathway into the New Millennium through his Spiritual Ways of Sharing and Cooperation. The Legion of Light has long been in wait for these days as God has sent His most powerful representatives to ensure that these days will be fulfilled for all souls who have come to witness them! Let not the Man of Negativity deny you the Joy of Living in these days for he will have his time to ponder what he will need to learn!

Man of Destiny, be the one who has Created his way to Joy on September 7th for you will be in the Rhythm of the Universal Energies which Create ALL THINGS! Activate Love from the Highest Source and place it into your Destiny so that it may rapidly manifest! The Brotherhood of Man will support your endeavors of Love and help to bring all Spiritual Projects into motion for they will work as a team of One with God and the Legion of Light!

Gather your projects of Love on September 8th and draw out the place you will need to release their boundaries. These days are filled with more than Potential to Change the World as the Universal Energies will provide you with the Ideas of how, when, where, and what if only you will take time to listen to your heart! The World is not waiting for a Super Man to Change IT from without for the entire Process begins within YOU!

On September 9, 2010 be aware that the lure of the Realm of Negativity may mock you into believing that the Chaos and Confusion that runs rampant may only be “fixed” through their expertise of manipulation. Do not listen to them for they will know that the New Millennium will ruin their purpose and in order to remain in power they will attempt to keep Humanity fighting against each other to build up their profits. Let the Brotherhood of Man build its momentum within YOU!

The Universal Energies of September 10th will see the Legion of Light diligently at work with further details of the Pathway of Light that they will continue to build for God and the Man of Destiny. These days will draw closer to the Day of Conclusion for those who will follow and those who will not. Let yourself not be one who staggers away for lack of willingness to take the Pathway of Light for it promises to bring forth the Joy in your heart!

September 11th will bring access for Man of Destiny to activate Love through the Universal Energies into his Foundation of Destiny. This shall bring him in line with the Brotherhood of Man and the Legion of Light’s Pathway of Light. Now will be the time to gain understanding and wisdom for what shall come to be in your pathway created with Love for there will soon be a doorway opening for understanding YOUR PURPOSE!   

Legion of Light do not let these days wear you down for the Pathway of Light you steadily build will lead Man of Destiny into the Light! All Man will eventually Change for he still does not understand the Way of the Spirit that will lead him to the Joy of Living. He struggles to follow the rules of Man and despises them and can easily be led by the Realm of Negativity’s ability to inflate his ego to think he can be as “powerful” as them. Have patience for All Man for he too shall come around to be in the Pathway of Light!