Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Phoenix Awakens Part 3

The third part of the forecast for May 2010 will reveal the Key for the remaining days of May and on into the rest of the New Millennium’s time frame of a thousand years. The first part of the Phoenix Awakens foretold to us that the Universal Energies were in place to ready our Creation processes for the Phoenix’s awakening during the period of May 16th to May 21st. The second forecast, from May 12th to May 22nd, brought us to witness the Phoenix Awaken within us so that we would Progress our Purpose on Earth. Now the Universal Energies will offer Opportunities to Choose our course of action in the New Millennium with the assurance that our created products will begin their manifestation.

On May 23, 2010 an Opportunity will be provided to choose the Power of Unlimited Love in order to create our livelihoods within the newly created Dimension of Love. This will be the day in which Unlimited Love manifests into Man of Destiny’s chosen path for the New Millennium. No longer will Man’s soul be tied to the self-destructive mannerisms of the previous world but now it will be in a state of lovingness as the only way to be! Take this thought into your heart and perceive a world in which you will only commit yourself to what you Love, and not what you would do for the sake of security.

The World to Come is here on May 24th and the Flow of Unlimited Love permeates throughout the new dimension of Love and opens the pathways of Man of Destiny and the Light. May 25th will bring out the last chance to those clinging to the past with the final opportunity to move forward and learn to create with Love. This day shall also work to define the boundaries and the rules of the New Millennium with the formation of a partnership between the Brotherhood of Man and the Light with the force of God Truth. This action will begin the manifestation of a spiritual resurrection for Man of Destiny and the Light in order to introduce a New World Order.

As the dust begins to settle around the Massive Change occurring, May 26, 2010 will show the Key to Creating in the New Millennium. This Key comes by the simplicity of retaining Joyful thoughts in your mind and soul as a foundation and continuing with Truth in the soul of who you are – A SPIRITUAL CREATION OF GOD – and to work and live in an atmosphere of Unlimited Love! The Universal Energies of May 27 to May 31, 2010 will place emphasis on our new Key to Creating by sending forth an unprecedented series of absolutes and principles of guidance for expanding our chosen pathways in the New Millennium. Now it is time to grow into our newly found Purpose as the forth coming Energies of June 2010 will seal our hearts and souls with the force of Absolute Truth for the prosperity we will be gaining with the momentum of the New Millennium!

We have witnessed the Phoenix Awaken, not as a force outside of us but rather, within us! And now we begin to Create with Love and Truth as our guides as we were designed to do. This will be the foundation from which we will move forward and progress our soul’s work and longevity by working in unison towards a state of Eden here on Earth. All we have to do is to start in the place of Love!