Sunday, February 28, 2010

Entering into the New Millennium

On May 9, 1992 the Earth aligned with the Pleiades in order to receive a Love Beacon that would permeate every living soul and thing upon the Earth. Some accepted this Beacon while most rejected this Love Energy. This was an Opportunity Day of Choice to move forward into the New Millennium in advance of the days we are currently in. Now a Truth Beacon will permeate every living soul and thing upon Earth.

The Truth Beacon comes to the forefront on February 27, 2010 and will not complete its course of action until September 1, 2011. The high point of this Beacon will manifest from June 18 to July 3, 2010 and from this point forward the only acceptable action of speech will be to speak the Truth. The second high point appears from June 12 to June 30, 2011 and will all but finalize the reorganization of Man’s world.

In the mean time March 2010 will begin with the two prominent energy patterns that began on February 19th and 24th respectively. The first seeks to establish the Brotherhood of Man while the second functions to assist those who lack a place of beginning in their participation in the New Millennium. Both will complete their actions before the ending of March 2010 and will serve to introduce a spectrum of Change while the Earth continues to make her adjustments in becoming the foundation of Man and Light’s abode of Creation.

March 18th will produce an alignment to progress the concepts needed for our new pathways in the New Millennium. These concepts include a broadening of our understanding in the principles of Family, Joy, and the Unlimited and by expanding our understandings we will gain insight into the ideals of Brotherhood and the Sharing Economy. By March 20th we will have these ideals brought to the forefront, as it becomes an imperative to make this transition of attitude before the year’s end.

March 20th will display two more planetary alignments on the same date that will initiate a series of forced Changes in the next three months in the way of Man’s pathway on the Earth Plane. The most significant of these is a movement of Man’s thoughts towards expanding the concept of Family and in the New Millennium vernacular Family is inclusive of ALL human beings on Earth, not immediate relatives or countrymen. What is forcing this issue stems back to the May 9, 1992 decision by the majority to bypass on the Love Beacon’s Energy.

Man’s lack of acceptance for the Love Beacon’s Energy in 1992 has slowed down the momentum of the New Millennium but not its immanent emergence, as it now begins to activate the Foundation for Brotherly Love on all levels of Man’s existence. Earth’s Creation of her own pathway will not allow anything to hinder her own pathway and this accounts for the reason of this progression. The overall effect that this planetary alignment will have is the message to “change from the way of fear and oppression and accept Love.”

The second planetary alignment on March 20th will insist that we engage into the New Millennium by creating our pathway. The main factor for creating our pathway is to seek what WE desire as our soul’s unique pathway. This will allow us to reach the ultimate goal of the New Millennium – a pathway designed to increase the productivity of our soul’s purpose and the Joy produced in Partnership with God and the Earth. And by choosing to create our pathway the Universal Energies will begin their Flow towards unhinging the blockage in our desired pathway and push into formation the Share Economy with the sustaining energy of the Pleiades’ Love.

The beginning is here NOW on March 21, 2010 and activates the Partnership that will increase our share in the New Millennium. March 23rd and 24th follow with the first Opportunities for our choosing since December 2009 as March 23rd asks us to move forward in the establishing the Brotherhood of Man and March 24th directs us toward our own Destined Pathway for the Thousand Years of Peace. These positive choices will assist us in Flowing with the momentum that follows from March 25 to April 6, which is marking the Beginning of the Plan to create and grow into our share of the New Millennium.

One last Opportunity is offered for our decision in the month of March 2010. This one occurs on March 30, 2010 and it involves the way to progress our pathway to our destined place in the New Millennium. When this step is completed the Love Beacon of May 9, 1992 will finally be allowed to fulfill its purpose, the activation of the New Millennium, for the Love that was received on May 9, 1992 was there for the taking and will now work to fulfill its own Destiny and that is to connect us all with the ALL of ALL THERE IS!