Friday, January 1, 2010

Relax and Learn to Flow with the Universal Energies that Create All Things!

Looking forward to the world being revealed in January 2010 the month will begin and end with the universal energies emphasizing the progressing partnership of man and light with God. Those who have chosen to continue in the negative sphere of experience will be given the opportunity to examine the limitations of an empty relationship while those who have chosen to experience the New Millennium will progress forward. Though attitude rather than weakness measures the experience, man and light will proceed to their chosen space by the spectrum of Free Will as the previous months have produced choices for gaining spiritual growth in the New Millennium.

The two realms of experience will witness two different worlds as if one. One side will be shielded from the pending chaos while the other will use their lack of spiritual growth to push their harm into a circular path that leads them to learn why the rules on Earth have changed. It will be a world that hosts a dimensional divide to let the two worlds progress into their chosen courses of action as early January 2010 will produce a planetary pattern to stop the expansion of negative energy and will direct this energy back into the circular path of negative experiences.

The next course of action will begin with God’s Love shielding the progress of man and light from the realm of chaos while siphoning the negative energy from Earth. The siphoning of the negative energy will last until the end of January 2010 as the time of purging cleanses the Earth for the new season of Creation set to begin in February 2010. This will allow man and light to create with God’s Love their divine pathways for the New Millennium. By the timing of the January 2010 new moon there will be six planetary energies in the sign of Capricorn that will deter the energy of the rearranging chaos surrounding the Change taking place.

The call to begin in earnestness in creating your divine pathway manifests as the sun enters into the sign of Aquarius and signals the time to commence in fulfilling your soul’s calling. This calling is from the location where you find the path of your heart and assists in finding your divine pathway in the New Millennium. Do not focus on the obstacles before you instead concentrate on your heart’s desire and your pathway will begin its manifestation.

January 2010 will end with an energy thrust to increase our focus through the occurring chaos and is followed by the Plan we have long awaited. This Action Plan sustains our individual growth to enjoin the forming partnership with God and Earth in order to prepare for the New Millennium. Soon we will become unlimited co-creators with God as the Plan also coincides with a day in which the negative energy weakens so that we too can relax and learn to flow with the universal energies that create all things!